Sunday, March 23, 2008

Formula one (F1) Malaysia Grand Prix - March 2008

Anyone going to Sepang Circuit for F1 Malaysia final? Who is going to win for this round? I'm not a fan of F1 but sometime i just like to watch the race especially on the final... unfortunately Malaysia was not the final site for this round.

Anyway, last Wednesday, i was in KLCC and there were booth selling the F1 mechandize. Lots of people taking picture of the F1 racing car... since i have my camera with me i also took a few :->

Another 2 more hours i would be on my way back to KL and i would not be able to watch the F1... let me know who win for this round eh!


Darren said...

Yo... ferrari won the 1st place follow by BMW and Mclaren if not mistaken. Kimi Won today race in sepang.

khengsiong said...

The last race may not be the most exciting one. Sometimes the title is sealed in the 2nd last race.

keeyit said...

Welcome back KL.. few more days then you will be free.. so when is your new job start?

TZ said...

Darren: Ferrari again! no fun... i lost interest in watching F1.

Khengsiong: this means that 2nd last race is more exciting eh! Shanghai, China will be the host for the 2nd last for this year.

Keeyit: Not sure yet! i have not get any job. Still looking for a suitable job :-> Maybe work in Starsbucks for a while... :-p

Darren said...

Woow working in starbuck cool then haha, anyway i think singapore F1 will be interesting seem it race at night.