Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A normal Monday...

I have not recovered from the Saturday night / Sunday Morning stayed up until 3am. I need more sleep to recover. I was on leave for the whole week to study my CPIM... So I woke up @ about 9am, took a shower and headed to the management office to pay all my outstanding bill... :-(

After settle all the bills, i drove about 45mins to Fitness First Summit to meet my PT for a session there. I reached Summit at about 11am and did my cardio for about 45mins while watching Astro. Time flies without me noticing and my PT just came by and we started the session 15 mins early.

Yesterday session was tough, My PT has planned an endurance training with
3 sets of Squart with 15 reps
- Started with 15 lbs dumbbell in each side, followed by 20 lbs and 25 lbs.

3 sets of Sitted chest press @ the chest press machine with 15 reps
- started with 25KG, 30KG and 35KG.

3 sets of shoulder press with 15 reps (this was the toughest ouch!)
- 15 lbs dumbbell each side (no change of weight since i was struggling)

3 sets of cable bi-cep curl @ the freemotion machine with 15 reps
- started with 20KG, 30KG, 35KG

3 sets of cable tri-cep curl @ the freemotion machine with 15 reps
- started with 20KG and change to 25KG (I was struggling with this too but not as bad)

1 rower cardio test
- Complete 600m with 2 1/2 mins
- Hurray! i managed to hit the target/goal it was a energy taxing exercise.

Lower back exercise (lying down facing the mat with the leg and hand above the floor... like a superman :-> ) 3 sets , 20secs each.
- It's a hell! For the 1st 2 sets i managed to stay on until 20secs but the last set i was just able to stay on until 15secs... :-(

3 sets of sit-up / abs crunch with 15 reps
- I had a strong abs because i was trained in Pilate... So this 3 sets was easily done :-p

Cool down at the end of the abs crunch
- my whole body was sored after the exercise. My PT just gave me a nice stretching session at the end of the PT session. I felt much more better and this morning when i woke up i did not feel any muscle soreness... :-p but just need to wait for tomorrow, usually, I only feel the muscle soreness after a day. Let's see what will happen tomorrow... :->

After the gym, i had a light lunch and headed back to hit the book. I only managed to finished 3 chapters yesterday which i planned to finished at least 5 chapters... I have to finished 7 chapters today :-( Anyway, gotta go now to meet the head hunter @ 10am downtown KL.

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