Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tour on Traders Hotel KLCC

The traders hotel management has invited my colleagues and I to drop by Skybar for chilling out over the skybar and later they provided a quick tour on Traders Hotel KLCC.

Our first stop - Executive Floor business lounges. The hotel offers free flow of alcohol and drinks at the executive floor business. Besides, the guest whom stayed in this floor will be able to have the breakfast in this lounges.

Then, we proceed to the deluxe room @ Executive floor. The Deluxe room is facing the petronas twin tower. Because of the weather was cooling, the windows was foggy but still it was a nice view.

After visiting the Deluxe room, we headed to the Suite which cost about RM570 per night. It was quite a cool and warm place. We stopped by there for a while, managed to take a couple of picture before we moved on to the gym.

The studio @ the Fitness center (gym) is facing the Petronas twin tower. It was a nice view while working out on the group exercise. The hotel provides some classes like Yoga etc. The gym is equipped with treadmill, x-trainer, stepper etc. Besides the cardio machine, the gym also equipped with various weight machine and different free weight dumbbell and barbell.

Our next stop after the gym was business center. There are two floors in the business center. Two type of meeting rooms, the rectangular table and the houseshoe shape table in two different meeting room. The business center design was very awesome with the new age interior design.

The hotel Lobby is located in the 5th floor of the building and the design of the lobby is very unique with the contemporary theme. Lot's of mirror has been used to reflect some lighting and the atmosphere and color was part of the design.

Gobo Chit Chat eating place is located @ the same floor with the lobby. This is a restaurant that in the traditional hotel, usually we named the restaurant as coffee house but for Traders Hotel KLCC, they named this place as Gobo Chit Chat eating place which providng the breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant environment is different from the conventional coffee house.

We ended our tour @ the ground floor of the Traders Hotel KLCC. The design of the ground floor is simple and spacious. BTW, i don't see any place for people to sit. Usually, the guest will be directed to 5th floor for checking in. Only group check in is done on the ground floor.

It was a quick and pleasant evening with Peter and the sales time. BTW, i would like to thank Pete for bring us around the hotel and shown us the hotel facilities. I wished i could hang out in Sky Bar soon and maybe check in the room to chill out over in Traders Hotel KLCC.
more pics, visit tz-photo
So, pay a visit to Skybar @ Traders Hotel KLCC... you will be able to see the nice and breathtaking Petronas Twin Tower.... :->


keeyit said...

Trader hotels is our corporate hotel.

Jian said...

din know it looked so nice! Been up there once, but it was pretty warm with lotsa greenhouse KL gases. :) But the view is amazing..

TZ said...

Keeyit: So you should go up to the Skybar... the view is nice and breathtaking...

Jian: When i went up to the skybar, it was cool as that day it was a raining day... but i heard from the staff said that it's pretty warm for a non raining day... :->

Alvin Lim said...

the view from PTT at night is even better :) though it's not recommended la... since u need to work till quite late for that view whereas every1 else is partying

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

i've never been to skybar but i always wanted to go. everyone is saying how nice it is. thanks for the pics. will go visit it someday :P

TZ said...

Alvin: when you are back to KL... if you happen to work PTT at nite... do take some picture and share with us eh!

Slowcatchupkuan: Skybar is a nice place to hang out with friends... Maybe we could organize and couple of us could chill out in this bar.