Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Afternoon @ Starbucks Gurney Place

I changed my plan due to the sky got darker and darker on 13:30pm. Decided to just chill out in Starsbucks Gurney Place. I was surprise as there was not so much crowd. I was sitting in the Starsbucks since 13:35pm. Since i have a nice view of the whole Starbucks, I would like to get this opportunities to apply my observatory skill to spot some nice scenario that i could blog about... Stay tune for some update eh!

Time: 13:37

The three ladies made a mess before leaving the table. The barrister was so unhappy with that... unfortunately i could did not manage to take her facial expression. Anyway, i could not understand why people could not take care of the environment... leave with the place nice and clean. I think Malaysian need to change their mindset to keep the environment nice and clean for the next person.

Time: 13:53

This moment was so quiet as there is no people coming into the cafe :-p Not even 10 customers in Starsbucks in the Saturday afternoon 13:53, could you believe that? Starbucks! What has happened to this place, this is the most happening place in Penang. At about 14:00, the rain started and the crowd started to pop in... Was it because of the rain that brought the crowd in or just 2pm is the right time for all crowd to be in?

Time: 14:54

Time: 14:55

At 15:00, the place was almost full and the quietness of the place has turned into so much noise. Guess what? the group sitting at the side has contributed plenty of noise. Once they left 10 mins later, the whole cafe was now back to a nicer environment again.

At 15:36, the rain has stopped and it's time for me to hit back to the hotel before another rain starts :-p


Darren said...

Haha, i think during the 1 sumthing ppl having lunch instead oof starbucks kua.

TZ said...

Darren: Maybe ... Penang food is so attractive :-p I think the rain too bring the crowd to Starsbuck :->

Darren said...

Yea u r right penang foods really attractive especially the asam laksa and i still remember there have the fried chicken skin which attractive most of the ppl.

TZ said...

Darren: Where could i get the fried chicken skin? I did not hear about this...