Friday, March 7, 2008

Desperate To Win; Fear To Lose

For the past 13 days, as a voter, we were tortured by those advertisements in the Radio, TV and Newspapers. The advertisement repeated itself within 1 mins... why the BN party so desparate to advertise their accomplishment? How much do you think it could impact the voter to vote for BN... I personally felt the BN party is DESPARATE TO WIN and FEAR TO LOSE at this moment. They are afraid to lose the power over to their opponents.

So, as the Malaysian voters, what do you think about the BN party advertisements in the media? How do you feel about BN party's strategy? Is BN Party democratic?

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PS: The election commision of Malaysia has a tagline on Efficient and Transparent Two interesting words yet to be comprehend on March 8th 2008.


Alvin Lim said...

i cannot vote.. :( aih

TZ said...

Alvin lim: aim for the next one eh!... I felt so nice to exercise my rights after 4 years... :->