Thursday, March 20, 2008

SkyBar @ 33 floors Traders Hotel KLCC

A bunch of my colleagues and I got invited from the Traders Hotel management to pay a visit to their SkyBar @ 33 floors. The team has organized this small cocktail functions with some finger food and the specialty Lychee Martini (it's nice).

We took a cabbie service provided by the Traders Hotel for their guest from KLCC Fountain to Traders Hotel lobby. As we reached the ground floor of the Traders Hotel, we got into the lift and headed to the pretigious bar in Malaysia, the SkyBar @ 33 floors Traders Hotel.

Upon arriving we were greeted by Peter the sales manager and he just accompanied us to the table that he has reserved for us with a spectacular view of the Twin Towers. We chilled out while talking with Peter and his team, enjoying breathtaking view and sipping the Traders signiture drink - Lychee Martini.

Skybar @ 33 floors (Pool in the middle of the bar)
View from the Sky Bar

Laychee Martini (on the right)

Next stop - touring around Traders Hotel KLCC...

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