Friday, March 7, 2008

How outsider thinks about Malaysia Election?

My colleague, Monika from US just came for 2 weeks business trip + 1 week vacation. She has the chance to read some newspapers (The Star etc) and watching TV about our 2008 Election. She noticed straightaway that only BN party advertisement were shown in the newspapers and TV... she wondered where are all others parties. Mr. Prime Minister of Malaysia, would appreciate if you could answer my colleague question... ;-) This is so obvious that the foreign also could feel and realize the difference. So, we as the Malaysian should vote wisely eh!...

Yesterday, as we travelled to Malacca for a day trip. We had nearly 1 hours+ conversation during the driving to our destination. She was so curious and started to ask me regarding why there were no Opposition Party (DAP, Keadilan and PAS) commented and advertised their campaign on the TV and newpapers. Is there because the oppositions have no sufficient fund to do that? I had answer the question as the media was controlled by the BN government. Then her reaction to me via another question which was about Malaysia as the democratic country, why the media is controlled. So, BN government, please defined what is democratic to the world... don't just used the standard definition to entertain our friends outside the country and execute the democratic differently within the country. With all this matter. do you think the election campaign democratic? Is the election campaign a fair game?

I would like to call upon all thinkers like me to think about this questions... :-p I was a little shameful and uncomfortable when i answered my colleague. She as a tourist or foreigner also could feel and observe the unfair situation on this election campaign... so why we as the voters can't realized or we just tried to ignore?

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