Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday evening get together with friends...

I went over to my hairstylist to do my hair after lunch. It was a quick one as there is no one in the queue. Finished my hair about 3pm and heading to IOI Mall to meet up Kam Weng (KW) for gym.

I arrived the gym at about 3:45pm and got myself changed then realized that i forgot to bring my towel. Dropped by the counter and paid RM5 for the towel service. Later met KW @ the cardio area. Did about 20 mins of treadmill with my new shoes. The shoe is terrific with a good grab, it's so stable and also cushioned. After the 20 mins, grabbed the glove and headed to the weight area. Started working out together with KW. We ended the workout @ about 5pm and hit the shower. 

KW and I picked up Corine & Maisie nearby and headed to Kim's place which is on the way to Teluk Gong. The journey took us about an hour in total and finally we reached Teluk Gong. Ordered about 6 dishes but because i got carried away with the nice seafood. I forgot to take pictures.

Mantis Prawn
Thai style Steam Fish
Corine & Maisie
Salted Egg Crab - Left only one
ch_leong & Kimmie

Must be wondered why i was not in the picture eh!... I'm holding the camera... :-p Anyway, it was a nice dinner and 5 of us able to chat for anything... no content will be reviewed in this blog... sorry! ;-p

We left the restaurant @ about 10 something. I stayed the farthest, i reached back at about 11pm. It was a valuable time with my friends and delicious seafood too. 


Bahija said...

Hi Hi .... i believe this is my first comment on your blog :) , since my picture and name is mentioned, thus I shall comment sikit la ....indeed we chose the RIGHT restaurant, the small company was amazing, we had great time chatting on anything and everything, special thanks to you, for organizing, for being willing to chaeuffeur all of us .... TQ !

TZ said...

Bahija: Thanks for joinning us for the dinner... i was so enjoyed and wondered whether we could have another round of get together :-p Next destination Skybar.

Simon Seow said...

Nice mantis prawn, didn't know they serve that big in Teluk Gong.

TZ said...

Simon: This Mantis Prawn was live and swimming in the aquarium tank. One Mantis costs RM2.80 :-> Yummy! My friends were so satisfied... Next time if you visit Teluk Gong, order the steam Mantis Prawn.

zu said...

you seemed to have your cap on all the time. Why bother hair do wor?

TZ said...

Zu: I still need to do my hair as some occasion i could not wear cap... like interview ... LoL :-p

Anonymous said...

hi there,

Are you still blogging? I wanted tips on APICS CPIM exams. Which one do you find the toughest? I am done with the Basics Module. Have to start preparing for others.

TZ said...

Anonymous: Yup! I'm still blogging... I have not finished all the 5 modules. I heard the toughest is Strategic Management of Resources (SMR) All the best to your study... :) btw, dropped me a mail @ I could give you some tips :)