Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Better Transition; Better Results

I had an appointment with the DBM career service 10am this morning. This service is provided by my company as part of my transition to my new career outside the current company. I have chosen the option to make a change on my career since Nov last year. My last day with my current company will be on March 31st 2008 (if you notice my count down in the blog)

Since my company has engaged DBM to ensure i have a smooth transition to my newer job... I had signed up the DBM Career Continuation Program on getting some professional consultation on getting my resume done at the same time setup my own brand. This program also guide and help us on the technique of negotiating with the potential employers and some do/don't during the interviews. This was a good program to go through as it will help me to setup the brand, ensure my confidents and help me to target the job that i would like to have in the near future.

The program included
1. Adapting to Change
2. Self-assessment
3. Changing Career
4. Writing Resume
5. Oral Communication
6. Reference
7. Research & Target
8. Methods & strategies (how and what kind of job)
9. Written Communication (cover letter, general letter)
10. Interviewing
11. Negotiating
12. Transition to new career (after accepting the offer)

The way the program setup is to show us step by step to understand one-self before writing the resume. In summary, the program teaches us how to package and brand ourselves for coming job search / job market. Good learning... I think the Recent College Graduate (RCG) should go through this program.

Anyway, let's see whether how it goes on my new career... :->

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