Saturday, March 1, 2008

Got Jailed on last Tuesday

I was jailed last Wednesday after paying RM59.45... got released :->

hehehe... just joking. Guess what? I visited a restaurant called Obake-Ya @ Leith Street, Penang. The whole restaurant was decorated like as if you got caught and sent to the jail... :-> Actually this concept has been very long in Taiwan.

Front of the restaurant (Obake-Ya)

Menu for food / drinks

Bottles of Japanese Rice Wine

Steel bar / someone was behind the bar

Handsome Bartender - Not making any alcohol drinks :-(

Sushi Bar

We hanged around there for about 1 hours plus, the food was so so and expensive. The theme has attracted us to pay a visit. But i would only go once...


narrowband said...

Looks like a really nice place to go chill out... Looks expensive too!!!

TZ said...

Narrowband: This was not a good choice... in fact i was so disappointed.

No doubt the place looks nice in the picture but the actual environment is not that nice.

The RM$50++ something is per person rate without alcohol wor!

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