Sunday, March 16, 2008

Malacca on March 5th 2008

I took a day off to bring my colleague from US, Monika to visit our historical garden city of Malacca. It was a gloomy day when we started our journey from KL. We left KL @ about 7am. I shown Monika the prestigious "longkang" or drain :-p a.k.a Smart Tunnel. We stopped over @ McD for a quick breakfast before continued our journey to Malacca.

The traffic on the highway from the Sg Besi Toll until Seremban was a little out of my expectation. No jam but the amount of cars were more than what i expect (I expect only me and a couple of cars driving towards Seremban, but.... ) Anyway, it was smooth moving along the highway and we reached the Air Keroh Tourist Information Center @ 8:30am.

The curry powder factory
Monika's has a shopping list from US to purchase 12 packs of curry powder from a specific curry powder factory in Malacca. We managed to find the factory and to my surprise, the factory is already 70 years old. This curry powder factory is already managed since the grand father of the owner... three generation business. Managed to take a couple of picture while waiting for the packing of the 12 packs curry powders. After purchased the curry powders, we headed to the post office for sending the curry powders out to US. I dropped Monika @ the post office and went to park my car.

70 years old curry powder factory

Owner of the curry powder factory

Historical Sites
Since it's two hours before lunch, I brought Monika to visit the Port De Santiago fortress gate i.e. the landmarks of Malacca built by Portugese.

Port De Santiago fortress gate

Malacca Sultan Palace

We hike up to the St Paul Church and then had our lunch @ the chicken rice ball place.

St. Paul Church (inside)

St Paul Church

Chicken Rice Ball

Old Malacca Town
After lunch we headed to temple street to visit the 3 old temple/mosque .... Later we went to Donald & Lily for Nyonya Cendol

Jonker Street

Tengkara Kling Mosque

Cheng Hoon Teng temple

Nyonya Cendol

Went into the Malacca Museum, later took some picture surrounding the dutch square. I brought Monika to taste the famous Capital Satay Celup in Malacca... :->

The Stadthuys

Christ Church

Dutch street @ Dutch square

Capital Satay Celup

Portugese Settlement / Sunset over Strait of Malacca
After a light dinner, we went to the Portugese Settlement near Pasir Panjang to view the sunset over the Strait of Malacca...

Left Malacca at about 8pm and headed back to KL. Since we have a light meal, we stopped over the Air Keroh Rest Area's baskin Robin for ice cream... Yummy!

Hit KL @ about 10pm and i was tired and i belief Monika too... Sent Monika to the hotel downtown and I headed back home.

Visit tz-photo for more Malacca Photos

That's all folks... A day in Malacca.


Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Looked like a busy day in Malacca for you. But it also looked that you had planned the trip very well to fit in so many interesting places.

But a question: where's that curry powder shop?

doc said...

you sure know your way around malacca very well.

TZ said...

Quah Seng-sun: the time was a little bit tight as my colleague only have one day... :-p

Here you go the address for the curry powder factory

Malacca Electric Flour Mill
No. 100 Jalan Temenggong (also known as Mill Road)
75000 Malacca,
Tel 2822355

Doc: I'm familiar with Malacca as i always bring my colleague from outside the country visit Malacca. This round i updated my database with the 70 yrs old curry powder factory... hehehe... :-p

khengsiong said...

Like the Christ Church photo. You took at from a low angle...

TZ said...

KhengSiong: Thanks for dropping by my blog... I placed my camera very near to the ground... :->

Alvin Lim said...

i used to study in mlk for 4 yrs. kinda miss the place. a lot of nice food there ;) cendol, then famous "kerang", duck noodle, fish ball noodle, roti john, chicken rice...a lot. the chinese restaurant bei zhan also very nice

TZ said...

Alvin: Wow! that's lots more good food to eat in Malacca... i will consult you before my next trip... :-p