Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Morning Kuala Lumpur ...

Hey all, it's Friday again! hurray... TZ is feeling fresh this morning, eager to hit the gym, meeting his ex-colleagues for lunch and do some shopping.

KL view from my balcony using wide angle
Duke Highway working waiting to start his day

TZ's plan for today
09:45-10:45   RPM class @ Fitness First The Curve
10:45-11:00   Cool down and shower
11:15-12:00   Drive to the restaurant
12:00-15:00   Lunch with ex-colleagues @ Fresh Unique Seafood 23
15:30-16:00   Grocery shopping @ Plaza Damas
16:00-19:00   Take a rest @ home

You must be wondering there's no plan for the night... hehehe... i'm still not fit for paty so need to stay @ home. :-( Anyway, what's your plan for today and how you started your day?


Dalantau said...

Friday is just like a one gives you great motivation! I like Friday. So can jalan2 ade, means sihat dah-lah ye...veli good

TZ said...

dalantau: hehehe... so bored staying @ home... gotta to go out to meet people :->

Chen said...

staying at home is good..
at least can save $$$$ :P

TZ said...

chen: too bored to stay @ home... only myself :-( it's true i have save lots of $$$$ during dengue fever ... hehehe