Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Internet up & running... Phone line is down

I got back my internet line on Last Friday evening... but guess what? Today i found out the phone line is down. I belief the phone line has been down since last Friday after they got the internet up and running. This was not the 1st time with the TM and Streamyx... This is how the Malaysian largest telecommunication company service. One up and one down. *sigh*

I have no choice but have to call them again. Have to waste time and energy to follow up again... what a bad service on delivering the internet line without doing lot's of testing... BTW, the internet line was not up to the previous speed... especially the Upload speed it was only 128K and i have paid for RM77 which suppose to be 1.0mb / 512K package... need to ask for rebate if they continue to give me this lowest service.

Do you encounter this situation before?


Jayce said...

My Streamyx also down last few weeks. Luckily, it only took them 2 days to fix it. :)

doc said...

my streamyx was so lousy, it felt like a dial-up.

was off-line since, but back to normal again now.

TZ said...

Jayce: you are so lucky...

Doc: mine too but after i complaint, within 24hrs the speed backup again... :-)