Monday, June 23, 2008

We need to meet the deadline...

This entry is a back dated entry which the event has happened on June 13th 2008. Due to i was having dengue fever, i was down and wasn't be able to post this entry. Now, I would like to post this entry to show my disappointment towards the Duke Highway Construction Company bridging their promises <-- THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING SINCE DAY 1  :-(

"We need to meet the deadline", "we have unforeseen circumstances", "It's 51m deep", "sorry but we need to work until 11pm today".....  etc. were the replies from the Duke Highway Construction company after my compliant on two Friday ago i.e. June 13th 2008 @ about 7pm something. I was extremely upset and disappointed with what the Duke Highway Construction company has done especially on bridging their agreement that set earlier during the meeting i.e. no work will be done after 7pm.

The Duke Highway Construction company has worked on the highway construction until 12am on June 13th 2008. This has posted an enormous noise and air pollution to all the resident surrounded the construction site. The vibration of the machine pulling out the casing from the hole was felt by the houses/condo near the construction site too... Tell me, how the resident take a good rest after a whole day of work. Who should be responsible on this? No one? *Sigh* 

As for me i was having fever and I was not able to sleep due to the construction. I have tried to sleep with all windows and doors closed but because i am staying high up in the condominium... I was suffered with the extreme noise from the machine sound like coming from the next door. Can you sleep with this humongous noise? *sigh*

Since i could not sleep, i took out my camera and took some pictures on the construction site...

Two cement trucks was unloading the cement to the hole... enormous noise was produced
Not sure what the workers were doing ... ;-)
I think they were testing the hole
Looking @ the hole...

Fortunately, the MP of the area, YB Tian Chua and his PA came and understood the situation... the Duke Highway Construction Company has no choice to stop @ 12am... otherwise they might work 24 hrs... *sigh* Anyway, for the past few days, they stopped work before 7pm until today.

I received three different texts (SMS) from the Duke Highway Construction Company on extending their working hour again a few hours back. First came to my mind was a disappointment... *sigh* when will they stop bridging their agreement...
Here you goes the text
  1. "We are still concreting bored pile. pile 45m deep concrete supply quite slow. Works delay expected to complete by 7:30-8:00pm. Sorry for inconvenient caused. from xxxxxxx" (received about 5+pm)
  2. "Last concrete truck already arrived. Works further delay expected to complete by 8:30pm. very sorry from xxxxx" (received about 7:30pm)
  3. "Concrete just completed. tq from xxxxxx" (received about 8pm)

I don't know when was the actual time they stopped the work. I was not at home tonight. By the time i arrived, the work has already stopped. Anyway, i would like to stress a point out which i think it's not very fair with what happen here. If you notice on the first text, there was a statement mentioned "concrete supply quite slow"... because of some miss managed I belief on the concrete supply by the company and the supplier, the resident has to suffer the noise and air pollution by giving away their quite moment after a whole day of work... is this fair to the resident? Who will compensate the pain that the resident suffer? the Government (hahaha)? The Highway construction company (do you think they will) ? More over the government authority was siding the highway construction company rather than helping the resident to resolve the issue... *sigh*

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