Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lunch @ Fresh Unique 23 Seafood - Part 1 : What should we order?

It was the final Friday lunch with my ex-colleagues... this round we decided to have it @ the Fresh Unique 23 Seafood. This is a restaurant that cook the live seafood upon order... :-> Some tough decision needed as there are so many choices to choose from... i only managed to captured few seafood that caught my attention... they were so many more to choose from... tough job!

Abalone from South Africa
Snow Crab from Alaska
Spider Crab from ??? (errr... forgot to see the label <-- too excited)
Geoduck from Canada
Don't know what's their name & where are they from... but I know where they will end up... hehehe
Lobster from California (i hope i'm right ... there were so many types of lobster)
Clam from Malaysia ... hehehe
Let's have spider crab
No Crab Please! I want Lobster...
What should we order? What do you think?

The whole team has requested Kok Leong to make the decision of what we would have on our lunch since he recommended this venue... He has shortlisted a list of seafood and proceed to discuss with the waitress on some good recommendation on how the seafood going to be prepared

Fresh Water Prawn 
Spider Crab 
Vegetable - Kailan
Flowery Crab

So, how's these seafood being prepared and which seafood going to which type of dishes.... 


narrowband said...

Damn, those are really exotic sea creatures!!! Must cost a bomb!

TZ said...

Narrowband: LoL... Guess how much it cost for 17 Pax?

keeyit said...

Those are Alaska crabs le

TZ said...

Keeyit: Yup... the white one :->