Sunday, June 29, 2008

Live music @ TZ's Condo Balcony

I got live music running last night from my balcony... The live music from the KLUE Urbanscapes event @ KLPAC. I realized from the website that if you are going to the event you need to pay for RM35... for me i got free live music... hehehe


I took these pictures from my balcony... Looks like not many people partying near the outdoor stage.

Anyone visited the event... can you share with us?


keeyit said...

Hey, I think I saw you at Menara Axis FF on Sunday. I am not sure whether is you or not.. hehehe..

TZ said...

Keeyit: LoL... why you did not drop by to say hi... I was @ Menara Axis FF on Sunday from 3pm-6pm... :-> I was doing the weight with my gym buddy Simon...What class were you attending on Sunday?

keeyit said...

Sunday I went there for gym only.. Din join any class.. heheee