Saturday, June 28, 2008

Party @ Souled Out

Friday was the last day for the final batch of my ex-colleagues. One of my ex-colleagues has organized a gathering @ Souled Out Desa Sri Hartamas.

It was a simple gathering, we chat, we danced, we shouted, we talked etc... Everyone was releasing stress from their work and enjoyed the moment... As for me i was releasing my stress of no work and no income @ this moment :-p

Thanks to Faridz for taking all this photo... :->

Faridz (the person on the left in the front row)

Look old in this photo with kimmie... *sigh*

EngHoo and I dancing with the beat...

group photo with my ex-colleagues and my ex-boss too :-p

Dancing with Kimmie, I don't share well ... hehehe

 We are "Just Do It" Bro

Dancing YMCA :->

Corine was taking video clip...

we left Souled Out before 12am... all of us were Cinderella on last Friday ... LoL

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