Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tiring Monday!

As usual, I have an appointment with my PT Isaiah for an hour PT session. My PT has planned a thorough workout on hitting my Chest, Bicep and Tricep. 

We began with a treadmill run for about 10mins for warming up. Then, we started with the chest fly on fitball 10 lbs, 20 lbs and 25 lbs, chest fly on cable via Freemotion with 30KG, 40KG and 50KG. It was a nice workout on the chest, over my usual weight. The remaining workout was on Tricep and bicep... same goest to the tricep, started with 20KG, 30KG, 35KG. Meanwhile, for bicep we used 35KG, 30KG and lastly 20KG. Now i still feeling my soreness tricep, bicep and chest. The purpose of this workout plan was to shock my muscle. LoL... mission accomplished... muscle got shocked.
After the PT session, I decided to attend my Isaiah's RPM (cycling) class. The class was fun and he led us to workout with the Release 38. As usual we started with the warm up track (light and easy) followed by a few tracks to build up the heart rate and warm the muscle. The class ended with the Mountain track i.e. the high resistant track. 45 mins later, finally that's the end of the class with two final tracks of cool down. After the cool down, i decided to stay on for the next RPM class taught by Sharon, Fitness First Summit GXC. 

I haven't been doing back to back RPM classes for quite some time. After the 2nd class, my leg muscle was so sore... and the energy level was low too. 

As i have worked out thoroughly... i decided to pamper myself with KFC... yummy! I bought a dinner plate and enjoyed my KFC with a bottle of 100+. Please don't tell my PT Isaiah Kee eh!... otherwise i will suffer on Wednesday as he will plan another tougher workout session to burn what i have eaten on this Wednesday ... muhahaha :-p


Jian said...

ISAAIAHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!! TZ hoh, he, eat... Kentucccckk.. :) good to pamper urself after all those weights! and the chickens will repair ur muscles and make u look/feel good, or am i wrong? :)

TZ said...

Jian: LoL... let's see whether my PT know me eating KFC on Monday after the workout... Anyway, it's good to eat meat as the protein source but not chicken with skin :-p