Thursday, June 5, 2008

RM2.70/litre petrol in Malaysia

On my way back from Subang to downtown KL via NKVE, i saw how people lining up @ the petrol kiosk to fill up the gas... I felt that it's a huge impact... this is because compare to last increase, this round a lot more car was lining up...

For me, i have filled up the gas yesterday and it would be not necessary for me to line up for filling up last night. Anyway, i bet there will be less car roaming around KL downtown... Malaysian needs some time to adjust the gas price increased.

Hopefully the fuel price increased will not have a big impact to the rest of the things... especially on our daily product. I don't felt excited to join this Friday lunch @ Nilai... i will need to spend more to go for the lunch :-(

Just wondered what would your next step? 


poohbearee said...

Wow. Just read that you will be working in Africa. So exciting! Is Uganda an advanced or developing country?

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TZ said...

Poohbearee: nice to hear from you... :-> Uganda is a developing country and i heard it's much more better than others African country in term of political stability... :->