Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sunway Ice Skating Rink

I was having a dinner @ Sunway Resort Hotel last Tuesday... this was an investment talk and dinner. I learnt something new everytime i attended these dinners. Moreover, i was able to meet up lots of new faces and friends in the dinner.

I planned the trip early on that night to avoid the jam. I arrived @ Sunway Pyramid about 5pm and the dinner would only be starting on 6:30pm. Since i was early, i just wondered around and do some shopping. I was a little bored of walking around and decided to just stand @ the side which i could see the whole skating rink. Took my camera out and started snapping...

Sunway Ice Skating Rink
People watching from the 3rd floor
Professional skater - look @ his shoes
I can't stop :->
Learning in progress

I left the place at about 6pm and walked over to Sunway hotel for dinner :->

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