Saturday, June 7, 2008

2 Lunches + 1 Dinners

I should be glad that i was able to join most of the activities in Malaysia before i leave for Africa... I have a busy schedule with lots of lunches and dinners...

Thursday (Kimmie, Soo Yim)
Kimmie and Soo Yim have scheduled a lunch on Thursday afternoon at this restaurant called Daorea Korean BBQ @ Taipan Subang Jaya. I went to South Korean few years back and found that this restaurant Korean food is very close to the restaurant that i have eaten in South Korean during my trip. Moreover, their service is superb...

What to order?
Pork BBQ
Korean Sushi
Kimmie and Soo Yim

Thanks Kimmie and Soo Yim for treating me to this restaurant... Yummy!  

Friday (Whole group of my ex-colleagues, Gary and his girlfriend)
Yesterday afternoon (Friday), as usual it's Friday again... Lunch with my ex-colleagues was the event. This round we went over to Loon Sing Restaurant @ Nilai. Loon Sing is famous of its award winning "Buddha jump over the wall" soup. This lunch was not cheap though... :->

team photo
Buddha jump over the wall
Three ladies busying taking pictures

I met another ex-colleagues of mine from Penang. He came to KL with his girlfriend for a weekend escape. I was looking forward to meet him, unfortunately due to my tight schedule this weekend, i only be able to host them for a Friday evening... sorry dude! After the Friday lunch, i headed to Time Square to wait for Gary (my ex-colleagues). They arrived @ about 7 something and after a short discussion, i recommended to pay a visit to HardRock Cafe Kuala Lumpur, my favorite chill out place in downtown.

Long island ice tea
Jumbo starter (Onion Ring)
Gary, Gary's gf and TZ
Inside the restaurant
Gary & TZ stands outside the HRC

That's the meal i had since last Thursday, hopefully my PT was too busy with his work and not reading this entry hehehe... otherwise he will plan more tougher workout on Monday to put :-> BTW, i did not go to any gym since last Thursday.... :-( oops! Need to hit the gym this afternoon thot. Anyway, the food is okay but what i value was the people that i have the meal with... i will missed all of you soon... 

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