Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dinner with Sbanboy @ Sushi King

I knew Sbanboy via blog... he is my first blog friend that we meet f2f... We still keep contacting each other via blog and facebook. Once a while, we go out for dinner / lunch etc... Since i'll be going to Africa, Sbanboy has made arrangement from his busy schedule to meet me up for dinner... :->

As usual, we took pictures during dinner ... Since I got myself a new lens, i tried it out on our dinner.

You take my pic... i take yours :->
Scallop with seedweed - taken by Sbanboy
i think this guy know i was snapping the shot on him
Sushi on the conveyer belt - taken by Sbanboy
Big smile from Sbanboy :->

Thanks for arranging this dinner ... glad we have the dinner before i leave for Africa. :->
more picture 
1. tz-photo flickr on Sushi King - Summit
2. Sbanboy's entry on Sushi King with TZ


Bahija said...

too bad, I miss the gathering eh....heee

Jasonmumbles said...

Going Africa? For how long?

TZ said...

Bahija: you were so busy with you work... we will have one gathering with Sbanboy when i come back for holiday ... have a nice trip to Europe eh!

Jasonmumbles: yup... i'm leaving for Africa to work there for 20mths. Will be leaving latest by end of this month. :->

Anonymous said...

lol, can i joing for the gathering? it sound so interesting especially gather among blogger. anyway good luck for your new job.

TZ said...

Kurukure: I will prompt you for my next "makan" session eh!...

Anonymous said...

Okay set next time must prompt me for the makan session.

TZ said...

Kurukure: I will have a session before leaving Uganda... will definitely prompt you ... :->