Sunday, June 8, 2008

F&N Freestylz - Unleash Your Art @ The Curve

I was having dinner with my aunty, uncle and cousin Siyi last Saturday. After the dinner as usual we would pay a visit to IKANO power... I was bringing my DSLR camera with me and i just decided not to sit @ Starbucks IKANO Power. So cousin Siyi and I walked over to the Street, Curve. It was packed with lots of people and with all those small booth setup in between the two row of eatery place.

Then we walked over to the loud music stage and found out that the F&N freestylz - Unleash Your Art event. I got the opportunities to take lots of picture from various angle. Took some pictures which was very close to the stage and some was from the 2nd floor facing the stage.

Another on the stage and its surrounding
Main stage
No one shaking their body with the hot music
DJ playing very nice dancing song... but no one was dancing

Danny One and Joe Flizzow on stage. They were the invited singer for the night.  Besides, there were some interesting dancing too.
Danny One singing Chinese song
Joe Flizzow on the stage - Rapping away...
One hand to support his body... salute!
I like this guy... he danced very well
Dancing on the stage 

With the new lens i have taken lots of candid shots too... I just don't know whether those people noticed that i took their picture.
So crowded... see how serious was the crowd ;-)
Lady in red (cousin SiYi) and Lady in Pink with two guys (i don't know them)
Hey, boy what are u staring at?
Do you think he knew i was taking this shot?

Thanks for the sponsor F & N for throwing such a nice party... :-> Free flow of drinks for the whole night. I left the event about 9 something and walked back to the IKANO to meet my mom, aunty and uncle. I was having fun on taking lots of different shots especially those candid shots.

Free flow of drinks from the sponsor


Simple Alex said...
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Simple Alex said...

hehe.. u ah.. that poor boy sure go run to mommy someone snap his pic and swear never to go for such event ever again... u so harsh.. aakakaka.....

TZ said...

simple alex: LoL...