Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TZ diagnosed Dengue Fever... recovering!

I was paying the Hospital Kuala Kumpur for the 4th days since Saturdays. On the Monday visit, the doctor has diagnosed that I was having Dengue Fever. From the rashes, fever, the Blood count dropping. The doctor has confirmed that i was having Dengue Fever. 

From the past 3 days result my PLT was dropped from 188 to 126 then as of yesterday my PLT has dropped to 119. But this morning the result has shown an improvement i.e. back up to 138. The doc was happy when she tell me the result. My body was feeling much more better this morning than yesterday. My swollen fingers and legs has slowly disappear as of one hour ago. Hopefully, the result for tomorrow will be even better.

Guess what? I was drinking 3 Litres of 100+ yesterday... now I still have to continue to drink it... I gotta go for a short nap as my energy is running low. Anyway, would like to thanks all my blog fans for sending the regards, my cousin SiYi, uncle and aunty for visiting 2 hours ago. My buddy, Sbanboy for giving me consultation on what i should taking care of. Thanks for all your support...  


narrowband said...

Oh man, I hope you get well soon! glad to hear you're recuperating already!

TZ said...

Narrowband: Thanks dude! my FBC result showing uptrend.... this was a good news :->