Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eat eat and eat ... gym? <-- Lazy :-p

I have been eating and eating lots of nice food for the past two days... Yesterday was another round of food outing... *sigh* I will be fat... PT please help to give me more training... I was lazy to go to gym today. So decided to blog instead of gym. 

Anyway, I had a nice and relax Saturday morning sipping my coffee and enjoying the Starbucks breakfast @ the Garden Starbucks. It was a nice and none rushing Saturday morning. Saw lots of people from and to the gym in the morning. Unfortunately, my gym was not in Midvalley...

Mushroom, Tomato Cheese with Africa Kitamu coffee

I had lunch with my another group of ex-colleagues which working with me in the company before i joined my previous company. We were colleagues for about 4 years. Still keep in touch with each other after all of us left the company. Anyway, it was a great and memorable moment. We went to Ding Tai Fung restaurant for its famous dumpling.

Dumpling with soup

After lunch, we chilled out @ Starbucks The Garden. Chatting, catching up on what's the latest news since our previous meet up. My two Colleagues Siew Moi and Charlie (nickname) were enjoying surfing the net with my baby MAC...

Siew Moi and Charlie

Later in the evening, my cousin called me and asked my mom and i out for dinner with uncle and aunty. My uncle suggested the vegetarian restaurant near his house... we agreed and headed to the restaurant.

Tom Yam Fish
Butter Prawn

Eat with no gym for the past three days... how would you feel?... TZ feel fat... :-p Need to start workout hard tomorrow. Hurray! I will have PT session tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

lol, me also getting very fat since never go for exercise for about 1 year since my internship and busy of assignment. but i think wont be too late if go gym or exercise again. Anyway, u r really a big fan of starbucks. Any Coffee to intro over there, coz normally i just get a cup of JavaChip. but i felt bored of it, any suggestion?

TZ said...

Kurukure: I tasted the Africa Kitamu Coffee last Saturday during breakfast ... nice coffee i would say :-> Javachip used to be my favor but now i like Ice coffee latte with Hazelnut syrup :->