Thursday, January 8, 2009

A spy in CoffeeLand : Visited Starbucks in Malaysia

Yo! How many footprints have you left in Starbucks around Malaysia for the past 10 years? Yes! Starbucks just celebrated it's 10 years anniversary last December. Guess What? i have been visiting quite a bit of Starbucks outlet around Malaysia myself... So decided to do a quick count on the outlet that i visited... like an inventory count ... muhahaha... So how many actually i have visited? 

Kuala lumpur : 21
Selangor : 19
Putrajaya : 1
Malacca : 1
Penang : 7

Total footprint that i left in Starbucks around Malaysia --> 49 outlet

Kuala Kumpur 
KL Plaza (close for renovate) 
Damansara Town Center (near immigration office) 
Mont' Kiara 
The Weld 
Jusco Maluri 
KL Sentral 
Great Eastern Mall 
KLCC - by the park 
Berjaya time square - Front Berjaya 
time square - Cinema 
KLCC - third floor 
KL Convention Center 
Low Yat Plaza 
Bangsar Village 
Hartamas Shopping Mall 
Bangsar Village II - Shopping center 
Pavilion (Level3) 
The Garden Mid valley 
Border Bookstore - The Garden 
Soho KL 

Starbucks @ Gurney Plaza

Mahkota Parade

Gurney Tower
Prangin Mall
Island Plaza
Gurney Plaza
Queenbay Mall
Borders - Queenbay Mall

Starbucks @ Sunway Pyramid


Sunway Pyramid
IOI Mall
1 - Utama - Old Wing
Bukit Raja
Ikano Power Center
1 - Utama - New Wing
Giant Kelana Jaya
The Summit
Damansara Uptown
The Curve
Plaza Shah Alam
Sunway Medical
Centrepoint, Bandar Utama
Border Bookstore, The Curve
Sunway Pyramid 2
Kota Damansara
AEON Bukit Tinggi
Jaya One

So how many Starbucks outlet you have visited in Malaysia?... 


[SK] said...

should ask starbucks to give you a 10th anniversary LOYALTY AWARD~~ :p

凡人館長《志強 cHeeKeOng》 said...

wow, u can remember all?
Starbucks should give you Royal customer awards too.

Jonzz said...

You didn't leave any footprints in Seremban Starbucks. FAIL! ha ha ha

Alvin said...

O_O You really Starbucks superfan. =_= I seldom go there coz quite expensive leh. haha. If go also, I prefer Kopi Kacang.

Alvin said...

By the come your post is dated August 1, 2009? o_o

William said...

U have a stake in Starbucks ah?

Borneo Falcon said...

I think I only been once or twice only to Starbucks

Twilight Zone said...

I hate the boss, so I boycott the outlets if possible. TZ is really a wealthy man who drinks the best, ya! Now I suspect you have a Diamond mine in Uganda.

Bengbeng said...

i been once...with u :)

TZ said...

SK: hehehe... can you ask for me??? ....

凡人館長《志強 cHeeKeOng》: Yup, dude i still remember which outlet that i been to even though it has been 10 years.

Jonzz: Next time i go to Seremban... one of the place i need to go is Starbucks... :p

Alvin: errrr.... agreed it's a bit pricey... :p BTW, I have change the date... thanks for pointing out.

William: How i wish i have a stake in starbucks... :p

Borneo Falcon: I think Starbucks is not very popular in east Malaysia eh! In KL, you could see Starbucks in every corner.

Twilight Zone: Dude, which boss that you hate? BTW, I'm not rich lah... the 49 outlet was the total outlet that i visited for the past 10 years :p hahaha... diamond mine in Uganda... how i wish?

Bengbeng: you been two outlet in Klang Valley... Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Pyramid 2. :p

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Wow, GENG!! I didn't really count how many outlets have I been to and of course, dare not to compare with you la. Hehe, me just a small potato. But I like the Frappucino Espresso!!!

foongpc said...

OMG! No wonder Starbucks survived all these years. All because of you! I think you've missed one - Starbucks @ First World Hotel, Genting. I went there during my Genting trip : )

Bengbeng said...

iiks i didnt know u mentioned it i remember now :)

Soo said...

I quit coffee since this year!hehe before that, I was kind of a regular customer for starbucks!

QuaChee said...

is there a starbucks in mahkota parade? thought its coffee bean? but im blur haha. hardly go to the starbucks there :)