Thursday, January 29, 2009

牛 year Day 1-2-3

It's already day 4 of 牛 year... another few hours i will be heading back to KL... good and bad... Good i will be able to go to the gym... bad I would continue with lots of eating session when i go back to KL... :p Let's flashback how's TZ celebrated his Chinese 牛 year with his aunties, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces etc... :p

Day 1 - Kuala Kangsar
We spent the whole day in Kuala Kangsar (my dad's hometown) until after dinner. Nothing much interesting in Day 1 afternoon... most of us were watching the TV program and couple of my cousins were sleeping in the aircon room... It was a damn hot day :p Activities only started late evening while we were having our dinner... We have lots of chatting, laughing etc... We drove back to Penang after the dinner.

Lo Sang

Roasted Pork

We are the singles... 

Birthday Boy and gals... 

My niece... cute?

My aunties, uncles and cousins... nephews and nieces celebrated our birthday (total 6 of us) whom born in January... Happy Birthday to me, myself ... kakaka :p ... I got to blow the candle and made a wish before my actual birthday... So, where i would celebrate my birthday? Stay tune eh!

Day 2 - Penang
Nothing much happened in the day 2... I woke up quite early and we headed to my aunties place.. one morning and the other afternoon... Aunt cooked her favorite dish... Fish head noodles. Yummy!

Day 3 - Penang
I got a ride with my parents... they went to one of my dad's friends house for CNY gathering. My dad dropped me @ my aunt place ... since my cousin Jing wanted to follow Jonzz, Soo and I for photographing session in downtown Penang heritage sites. So i arranged to go with her... My aunt later dropped us @ Komtar and we met Jonzz @ Starbucks Peringin mall...

Khoo Kongsi

Tan Jetty

Kapitan Kling Mosque

Immigration Office building 

Tallest Building in Penang - Used to be Malaysia tallest 

We headed back to Soo car @ about 3pm near the ferry terminal... Soo sent Jonzz back and later dropped Jing and I @ aunt's place before headed back home. 

3 days of continously food intake... I just wondered how many KG of fat had been stored near my waist...  i think my weight must have increased at least 1-2 kg... Why? No exercise... sigh! I better hit the gym once i reach KL today.  :)


Jonzz said...

Wah, no need to exaggerate so much. I think your weight can easily flunctuate 1 kg in a day gwaaaaaaaaa.... HA HA HA HA

Cookie jar! Cookie jar!

[SK] said...

hey!! you are making all of us guilty for having tons of food but yet never plan to hit the gym at all.. piak piak!! :p

vincent said...

wa, ur cny celebration is quite busy lo!

Medie007 said...

tsk tsk tsk... gym rat memang gym rat. go reunion dinner also wear nike's sports wear. *faints*

nice picce of downtown penang! :D

foongpc said...

So there goes your 4 packs! LOL! Nice photos of CNY food and of Penang! : )

Soo said...

Good to see you, TZ! :)
I like your pictures ~~

Twilight Zone said...

How come your skies all so beautiful blue but I never saw them so blue but grey?

TZ said...

Jonzz: kaka... 1 Kg of fat in a day... not as easy as gaining 1kg fat in a day.

SK: kakaka.... let get guilty together ... GO TO GYM LIAO... be the gym cow boy now

Vincent: yup... usually is very busy not enuf time.

Medie007: kakaka... now no more gym rat... the year of rat has gone with the wind... gym cow boy now Blek.

foongpc: yalor, i should have 6 packs ... i was so sad. Thanks dude for the compliment :p

Soo: Nice to meet you in person... Looking forward to see your shots in the net :)

Twilight Zone: I saw a nice blue sky in downtown... errr... really grey meh :p

kimmie said...

No kidding leh, it's CNY Day 4, I weighed myself, already THREE KGs EXTRA , it's Holly COW ! Aiyuh, so hard to get rid of 3 KGs, SOOO EASY to gain back many many makan sessions to go lagi :( , i am so thinkin to play hide-game, anti-social now :(

TZ said...

Kimmie: go to do more exercise lor ... control your diet lor :p

Bengbeng said...

love the tan jetty n kapitan kling mosque pic

TZ said...

Bengbeng: i like the two piccies too :)