Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photo Hunters : Furry

What are this three pictures have in common?

Fluffy the Cat

Scooby... where's my scooby snack in Cookie Jar

Gigi the doggie

They are furry and adorable ... 


team.warsurfer said...

They're all pets..
They're all furry..


Nice pics dude!


Alice Audrey said...

What sharp eyes Fluffy has.

Jonzz said...

Scooby has the least insane look, ha ha ha.

Noner said...

Gigi looked about 2 seconds from going spastic!

Mine is up at

Flo said...

You certainly have a very fluffy collection of animals :)

Mine is up over at Flo's Place

Mrs Mecomber said...

Sweet! I also did Photo Hunters. I hope you get a chance to visit!

Happy weekend!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

happy niu year! are those furry friends yours? cute!

Claudia said...

What a wonderful Furry group!

William said...

They're stuffed?

Bengbeng said...

the answer is they all look furry? what is the prize for a correct answer?

TZ said...

Team.Warsurfer: Thanks... kakaka... they r pets but not mine! :p

Alice Audrey: Fluffy has green eyes... :p

Jonzz: hahaha.... scooby scooby :)

Noner: It's not easy to take a picture of gigi... too active :p

Flo: hahaha.... fluffy the cat like to pose for my picture taking session :)

Mrs Mecomber : Thanks for dropping by :)

SlowCatchUpKuan: None of them are mine... the cat belong to my aunt, scooby is my friends' dog and gigi is my cousin's dog... no dog for me in my condo... Sigh!

Claudia: hehehehe... their fur is so nice :)

William: hahaha... they r not stuffed... they are real :) Cute?

Sam said...

Fluffy looks exactly like my other cat - Rascal! Same color and all! :)

TZ said...

Sam: Wow! Fluffy has a family member ... good good ... :)