Monday, January 12, 2009

On Visiting friends @ Zoo Negara, Malaysia

It has been 10 years back my last visit to the Zoo Negara (National Zoo of Malaysia) which located @ Northeast of Kuala Lumpur.

Since i have not been to the zoo for a long long time and would like to try out my 18-200mm Nikon, I suggested to pay a visit to the Zoo as Jonzz was planning a trip to KL last Saturday together with Andrew and meetng Julee in KL. We arrived there about 10:30am, bought the ticket and headed into the Zoo.

"You sharpen your skill, I sharpen my pawn"

"I'm hungry ... feed me! Feed me! ..."

"Oli Otya? Erinnya lyange nze entugga"

"Take picture take picture ... quick take picture! I'm having my tiger walking... "

"Let's smile! A smile is better than a thousand smiles ... hehehe"

" No picture please! I'm thinking and stop staring at my wee wee"

"Hey someone is taking picture ... come let's pose :)"

"Shhhh..... I'm not dead... I'm enjoying my nap"

"Croak! Croak! Where is Fable Frog (Froggie)? why he's not here?"

" Hey you, why you make some funny face... am i that ugly and smelly ah? "

We were hungry after walking from cages to cages in the Zoo for hours... So we decided to drop by the restaurant in the Zoo... Food was not that nice and it was extremely expensive... so we decided not to eat and continue our journey to visit more of our friends... After the decision we walked over to this steak... heheheeheeee...

"Hey i know you are hungry... I don't taste good... shoot shoot... I'm not your steak"

"I thought i saw a hungry person... yes i did! i did! "

Anyway, there is plenty more pictures that i took... since i could not uploaded all, I decided to make it a shot clip.. hope you enjoy it :)

We left the Zoo with our hungry stomach... so I'm sure there were no animal was disappeared from his or her cage... muhahaha :p What a fun day in The Zoo.

More pictures @ tz-photo --> Zoo Negara

Hey folks, anyone know what is this animal doing ???


Borneo Falcon said...

Never been to Zoo Negara. Looks nice

William said...

I'm suddenly humming the KFC-Zoo Negara song...

Medie007 said...

wah.. at first i thought the song u had for ur video is some aboriginal ugandan song. :p

and wat's with the hippo's butt???

[SK] said...

that wee-wee-exposing creature must be you friend, hahaha!! :p

you have alex, melman and gloria, where is marty??

foongpc said...

What's the meaning of the caption for the giraffe?

I've never been to Zoo Negara for more than 10 years, I think. probably longer than you! But the last time I went there, it wasn't very nice! Maybe it had improved?

However, I prefer Singapore Zoo - very well maintained and clean. Plus their Birdpark and Night Safari were very good! Hope Malaysia Zoo can be as good as them!

So can you tell me what the animal in the last picture is doing?

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

It was years ago the last time I went there. It was always fun to be at Zoo when I was much younger. Perhaps 20 years back? Hehe. Oh yea..where's my Marty? Alex was bored, Melman was sleepy and Gloria was angry.

TZ said...

Borneo Falcon: Come over to KL and Let's go to the Zoo :)

William: I know what you were humming " Let's go to the zoo, there's lots of thing to do... blah blah blah" hehehe :p

Medie007: You don't recognize the song eh! ... hahaha it's Circle of Life from Lion King Sound Track.

SK: Marty is in the Video... He was showing his butt :p

FoongPC: hahaha... where is the giraffe came from ... Africa :p So the caption is in Luganda... " Hello! My name is Giraffe" I haven't been to Singapore Zoo for a while too... :p

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E : Dude, let me look around and see whether i could get your Marty ... hehehe :p Will let you know once i get your Marty eh! At the meantime you can see Marty butt in the clip ... huhahaha :p

Twilight Zone said...

Hey your photos are fantastic! Your captions made them hilarious dude! Well done & I will ask National Geographic to read your post if you don't mind.

Bengbeng said...

applause. applause. clap hands. fantastic nature shots. u have done well here.

TZ said...

Twilight Zone: Thanks Thanks :)

Bengbeng: your clap clap so loud that i could heard .... Thanks Thanks :)

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

i like the monkey pic. can i borrow it to use?

Fable Frog said...

wah the lion one really really nice lei! the bird and the chimp ones are nice too~ haiya all nice lah~ wakaka OH! FROG!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL