Friday, January 30, 2009

My Birthday dinner @ Chilis Bangsar

This was the 2nd time i was having Birthday in Chilis... As i mentioned earlier, i was having my birthday in Chilis Penang last year... :)

I invited Bahija to join me for the gathering ... and planned to pick her up... but ended up Bahija drove me to Bangsar.. Thanks Bahija for driving me... Coz she said today is my birthday :p

The birthday cake that given by Chilis :)

Southwest Grilled Lamb - same main course as last year

Bahija trying to light up the candle for me ... :)

Me taking picture with my cake and my favor 1800 margarita

My x-colleagues who attended the gathering

Me and my favor 1800 Margarita

I was happy to have a small gathering on my birthday... We chat and chat and chat until everyone started to make a move ... kaka :p 


[SK] said...

you ordered all the same food again??? where is that chilli stewed gym cow casserole with cream cheese?? :p

Chester said...

Whoa.It look so delicious. Later you put on weight :)

Happy Birthday, TZ!

vincent said...

the cake looks tempting~~~

Twilight Zone said...

Just a week ago I had my birthday bash gulping Arabian food and Korean dinner but you are always eating same food. Happy Birthday TZ!!

TZ said...

SK: Dude, Since when Chilis serve Stewed gym cow casserole with cream cheese... kakaka :p

Chester: hehehe... drool drool??? I make sure i workout harder ... Thanks :)

Vincent: unfortunately there is not cake... it's ice-cream with brownie :p Yummy!

Twilight Zone: wow!... what do you have for Arabian food and Korean food for b-day... same old TZ with same old food ... :p

Bengbeng said...

Happy birthday TZ- i couldnt be wishing it to a nicer person :)

Over here the water is rolling in at the moment hahahah

khengsiong said...

Too late to wish you happy birthday. Anyway...
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

TZ said...

Bengbeng: Thanks Thanks ... Sorry to hear that the whole city of Sibu was submerged with water.

Khengsiong: Never be too late dude... thanks :) Happy 牛year to you too :)

foongpc said...

I always like their Southwest Grilled Lamb. Yummy!!

TZ said...

foongpc: Dude... my favor too... yummy! Drool Drool!