Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fitness Workout : A glance on getting a 6 packs abs...

No more spying in the coffeeland for a while... hehehe :p Let's chat about my 20 days plan to gain 6 packs, 5 days has passed but i only feel my abs a bit tight... errrrr.... I bet this is way way challenge for me. For the past 1 week i have been working out like a crazy gym nuts... Almost every friends of mine were surprised and why should i need to work so hard... Why! Why! :p errrr... I would say for my own satisfaction :p

So here you go a glance of  what have i up to for the past one week, I'm trying to do more cardio to lost the excess baby fat around my waist...

BodyPump : Jason Y
BodyAttack : Jason Y

Weight training (Chest, Bi-cep, Tricep, Shoulder, abs)

BodyAttack : Jason Y
BodyPump : Isaiah Kee

Weight training (Chest, Bi-cep, Tricep, Shoulder, abs)

RPM - Eric C
Weight Trainig (Back, Bi-cep. Tricep, Shoulder, abs)

BodyAttack : Jason Y
Step (Basic) : Steven
Funky Line Dancing : Bernard
Weight training (Chest, Bi-cep, Tri-cep)

Go to Zoo Negara and walk around the Zoo, photo-shooting the animal.

From the past one week intensity workout, I discovered that some combination will really challenging... for instance, if i started with Bodypump followed by BodyAttack back to back, there was not much different, I felt a bit tired but still able to cope with all the exercise in BodyAttack with just a sore leg muscle at the first 3 tracks... hehehe... but if i went for BodyAttack and then BodyPump... it was an extremely tire and calling for help @ Bodypump if i maintained with my regular weights especially the Squart and lunges tracks. But it's a good experience and shocked my muscle / body to another level of staminas :p

BTW, I have not really change my diet plan yet, I was craving for Satay last night after i came back from dinner. So went out to get some Satay yesterday @ 10:30pm... errrr... which according to the diet plan, I should not have eaten so much of oily, meaty and heavy food after 10:30pm. So gotta to stop craving for those fattening food ... otherwise my plan will fail... guess what? This morning i was craving for Klang BKT ... oh no... Ok! TZ, you gotta to control yourself with a more healthier diet immediately. 

Anyway, i'm planning for my following week workout and diet plan now. Hopefully i could hit my goal before Chinese New Year, another 15 days... if not at least make more room for my Chinese New Year food feast ... huhahahahaaaaa....


Bengbeng said...

Good luck. You will need it.... I think you can achieve it but you need a longer time frame

[SK] said...

that is too hardcore, anyway good luck to you dude, hope you get that washing board by CNY.. but make sure you don't bloat them again during CNY, hahaha!! :p

Jonzz said...

that's why. easiest is buy six packs from supermarket. HA HA HA.. less pain more gain... dang.. high already

TZ said...

Bengbeng: I think so but i wanna to try my best lor

SK: hehehe... thanks thanks but no washing board by CNY is okay too ... at least have more room to get nice nice food during CNY.

Jonzz: buy six packs from supermarket ... Beer??? errrrr... later become one pack muhahahah :p