Monday, January 5, 2009

Year 2009 : Lazy Monday

I woke up and came to realize it was a Monday today ... errrr... i was so lazy to leave my nice and warm bed in a breeze morning. My muscle was a bit sore this morning when i woke up. You must be thinking what was i doing the night before.... hehehe... I just have a nice nice sleep... nothing happened. :p

Actually, I went to Fitness First Maxis for my gym yesterday afternoon with my friend. We went to Jason Y's Bodypump and Body Attack class. This is the first time i had Bodypump and BodyAttack back to back... errrrrr.... I'm strong eh! 

Am i that strong? errrr... my muscle was so sore this morning... I bet the super weight training in Bodypump + the jumping and running in BodyAttack have shocked my muscle... I felt like what i felt when i was having a PT... wow! it's a great feeling :p

The tireness has made me lazy... I had spent my morning without doing any productive activities... just laying on my bed surfing the net and chatting in the MSN with my friends even i planned to leave the house for paying my outstanding bill... let's do it tomorrow... "Blek"

Since i was so hesitate to leave my condo to go out... I ended up ordering dominos pizza for my late lunch, by the time the delivery guy delivered my pizza... the clock has shown 2:30pm. I watched some TV program while enjoying my pizza. 

BBQ Chicken Wing

Pizza from Dominos

After the meal, I was watching TV and at the same time continue chatting with my friends via MSN... I was not knowing that i actually dozed off on the couch... :p When i woke up at about 4pm ... I quickly told my friends that i was dozed off... so i continued to chat before leaving for my gym workout @ FF-Axis. 

My gym buddy Simon was calling me early morning to invite me to workout in the gym together with him. Since the time was suitable for me as i need to pick up my mom in downtown after the workout... I just accepted the invitation ... :p Thanks Simon for the nice workout tonight. By the way, thanks for pushing me to get into my new weight for the chest workout... hehehe :p Now my chest muscle was a bit sore :p  

When i came back home, without failed i usually hand washed my gym clothing and hanged over in the drying area. Why i need to wash my gym cloth after my workout??? Why? Why? Coz i just could not tolerate with the sweat smile especially i left it there and wash it later... i just could not do it... :p

My gym clothing drying @ the washing area

My gym cloth :)

That's my lazy and boring in first Monday of the year 2009... hope to have a more exciting Tuesday... *Wink Wink*  How's your Monday? Mind to share?


Lifebook said...


Hmmm.. Are you posted your underwear?

Jonzz said...

Wah posting gym clothes and underwear, ha ha

TZ said...

lifebook: copycat... where got cat in my post? hahaha... underwear? u mean my nike pro? hehehe....

Jonzz: LoL...

Twilight Zone said...

Dude I'm not like Lifebook talking about your underwear! i often asked myself what good karma you had done in your past life to deserve such luxury to laze on the bed and eat so much pizzas? Then somemore go workout like a celebrity. Enjoy TZ while you can! :)

[SK] said...

errr, at least that is more interesting than sitting whole day in the office like me~~ :(

Medie007 said...

looks like underweaer to me too. hahaha

next time round you can do 3 classes back to back. :P

TZ said...

Twilight Zone: I also don't know wor ... anyway, I'm going to start working again :p no more the life that i had :p :p :p

SK: hehehe... I rather sitting in the office and make myself productive :p

Medie007: errrr... seems like everyone is looking at my underwear ... so pai seh lah :p i have been to 3 classes before Bodypump, RPM and Body Balance :)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said... nice to stay and rest at home. My monday was working...working and working. Pile of works waiting for me after a long holiday break. Cheers.

TZ said...

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E : Transfer some for me... I'm looking forward to start my work and get myself busy... :p

foongpc said...

Don't you think doing 2 classes back to back a bit too much? Don't overdo it lah - after your body think you burnt too much fat, it will try to save some of your fat for the future, then you'll find it harder to lose fat the next time around! Our body very smart you know, always try to make sure we survive! : )

My Monday was so busy, busy, busy. No time to blog : (

TZ said...

FoongPC: poor dude... busy busy busy Monday.... errrr... maybe i could not cut down the fat was because I overdone ... :)