Thursday, January 15, 2009

On Singing and Dancing Mode

I promised my friends to stay on with the class that i usually would not attend. Let's rollback to see what is the deal... Last Friday, i was attending the BodyAttack class together with this friend of mine @ Fitness First - IOI Mall... he mentioned that he would only attend BodyAttack and the Funky Dance class, he would like to skip the step class. I managed to make a deal with him if he stayed on with the Step class, i would attend the Funky Dance Class by Bernard. Guess what? the deal was on...  So, we proceed with the Step followed by the Funky Dance ...

Here are the three songs that i danced during the one hour of Funky Dance Class... actually there were four songs,  i forgot one of them ... Sigh! 

Cookie Jar


In the Ayer

Anyway, it was a tired and tortured one hour as the first timer in the middle of all the expert dancer... moreover i could not shake shake even though the music should make me shake my body well... hehehe :p If you know me in person, maybe you would imagine how i shake in the class... don't laugh wor... :p

I think my friend has triggered my dancing mode... I'm looking forward for another one hour of torture in the Funky Dance class for another time i.e. tomorrow night. weeeeee! " I like girls, they like me, they look so good in their seven jeans... yada yada yada... " humming away the song cookie jar.... blek!


Medie007 said...

i was just about to blog on the same song too!!!

TZ said...

Medie007: wow! the Cookie Jar is so popular eh! :p

[SK] said...

hey, dancing is fun!! you should attend the classes more and enjoy yourself..

LAURENCE said...

dancing is a interesting thng~
tats fun n good activity~

Darre said...

If me i would attend all the classes. because i did it before haha and it really fun.

Twilight Zone said...

You are still dancing & prancing about till CNY? So much fun dude! When are you going off to Uganda?

foongpc said...

Happy dancing! : )

Btw, is Chili's better or Tony Roma better? I knew you said the steak is better at TR, but what about other food?

TZ said...

SK: Dancing is fun... but still suffer from not able to cope with the steps and shake ... :(

LAURENCE: yup dude.. dancing is fun... but i'm still get the fun yet :)

Twilight Zone: Dude, I will be back to Uganda after CNY... :)

Foongpc: Both is okay for other food... I still prefer steak @ TR.. :)