Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm @ Penang now...

After a 4 hours+ drove including a traffic jam caused by the accident near the Sungai Buluh Overbridge. My friend and I finally reached Penang @ about 10pm... We straightaway drove over to Tune Hotel and checked ourselves in to this nice budget hotel @ Burma Road... We got a nice view facing the tallest building in Penang.

Just walked over to a kopitiam to have wantan noodles for supper as we only had bun for dinner during our journey. We will be planning our tomorrow and Sunday schedule later and will meet Paul J tomorrow night.

Anyway, it's been a long day and a long drive for me... gotta hit the bed... Nite Nite :)

Camwhore @ Terengganu - Part 1

I went to east coast two weekend ago ... I went with a friend of mine who like to take pictures... So i could camwhoring with my friends taking all my pictures :)

Picture taking picture taking

Hottie so hot... so hot ...

Squat and snap

holding the lighthouse

Paying parking

TZ the driver - drove 8 hours to KT

Stay tune with the Part 2....

Penang Here I come ....

I will be going to Penang for a weekend getaway... :) 

Penang Here i come .... 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dumpling for lunch ...

Today is the Dumpling Festival and guess what? I have a dumpling for lunch... my dad frenz has gave us some dumplings. This morning when i checked my facebook and saw my frenz's FB status... 

Frenz @ FB: 端午节快乐! Happy Dumpling Festival!... stick with my schedule, a busy day...
Me: No time for dumpling... let me have your dumpling... yum yum~
Frenz @ FB: Yer.... Stole my dumpling.... Cannot... I want...
Me: Can can.... share share... today is dumpling festival... :)

hehehe....  Happy Dumpling Festival

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5 reasons to watch Terminator Salvation

I was given a chance to the preview screening of Terminator Salvation on May 26th 2009 @ TGV KLCC. I would give this movie a *Two Thumbs Up* for 
1. The amazing graphic
2. The way the movie filmed
2. A real thrill-ride film
3. The amount of IT related technology being used
4. The excitement of the movie
5. No slow storyline

Anyway, it will be back you go, watch and experience the movie... you might have different feel as me ... :) I would like to recommend as a worth to watch movie for this Summer... 

PS: it's good to watch the other Terminator 1~3 before watching this... Not really related but there's some relation in the movie... :p

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My baby's medical bill...

I sent my baby to Nikon Service Center (NSC) yesterday since i was not freed to go last week... This morning i got a call from the center and they have estimated the cost of the medical bill... Guess how much was the damage? RM50 for cleaning up the mess... i nearly vomit out blood... *Sobsob*

Since i send my baby to NSC... must as well do the body cleaning too... So i requested the NSC tod do a clear inspection, clean the CCD and upgrade the new framework for Nikon D70... heheheeeee... hopefully the new framework can have better performance :) [Cleaning cost RM60]

Anyway, I could get my baby back tomorrow ... yuppie I will have my baby with me for the weekend getaway this Friday .... yup! I'm going somewhere this weekend... where? Will let you now later... :)

T_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _r S_ _ _ _ _ _ _n

A 2009 American science fiction post-apocalyptic war film released on May 21, 2009 in the United States, June 3, 2009 in the UK, and June 4, 2009 in Australia. How about Malaysia? Oh... it will be released on May 28th 2009.... which is 2 days later in all the cinema.

" The Summer biggest Thrill-ride"
"Out of this world action"
"The Perfect Summer Film"
"It will blow you away"

Hehehehe.... Anyone able to guess what movie is the movie by now? sorry no free tickets for any correct answer... just guess for fun... kakakakaka...

My friend and I will be going to watch this movie tonight @ KLCC before it shown on May 28th 2009. Will review later on my blog about the movies... worth or not to watch :p

Jonzz, thanks for the free tickets eh! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Black Monday for TZ

Today is Monday where everyone was having Monday blues in the office ... my Monday is black... yup! dark in color... so many things happen to me... *sobsob*

Yellow Man Heart Attack
I woke up with realizing my yellowman has encountered a Heart Attack... The yellowman no longer following me... I could not text, call, even checking my balance. I was trying to call the Hospital for help but there's just prevented me to make a call... ish.... it was so so soooooo sooooo not happy without my basic communication tools. I decided to drop by the Digi Specialized Center and seeked for help

Me: Hi Good Morning...
D-Staff: Good morning sir, what can i help you?

Me: I have a problem calling the DigiHelpLine, checking my balance, text my friend (important text you know)...

D-Staff: Sir, are you using Prepaid or Postpaid?

Me: Prepaid.

D-Staff: Oh Prepaid... It's Digi problem, no call can be made, no text can be sent, the network down.

Me: When will the line come back agin?

D-Staff: I don't know... Just wait!
Me: errrrr.... Just wait... how rediculious... Anyway, thanks (just walk out from the store)

After walking out from the store i think i should file a complaint on service outage inconvenience ... maybe they will compensate something for me ... blek!

Ps: The service came back only @ 12pm... half of the day gone... :@

Being Bitchy @ HSBC
The HSBC credit card has over transfer the amount of money to my credit card via the standard instruction... now my A/C has no sufficient fund to pay for my loan tomorrow. So i pay a visit to the bank and asked them to reverse the amount back to my A/C for the deduction on my loan... I spent nearly an hour to explain the situation to the personal banker and later the credit card service center.... the services were sucks and damn... i think they need more training~ *two thumbs down*

Anyway, hope that they would transfer the money back to my a/c .... otherwise if they complaint to me on no sufficient fund for my loan tomorrow .... I will not going to talk to any personal banker but I will straight escalate to the directors... Let's cross the finger that they had done what they need to do.

Lesson learned ... just give them the exact amount that u need them to transfer back to the a/c... don't tell them to do this and that ... They were so dumb and not intelligent enough to analyze how much needed to transfer back to my a/c... Is this what The World's Local Bank like? blek~

Car got AH1N1
When i about to drive to Klang for my gym this afternoon... the temperature of the dashboard suddenly raised until 110C ... and there went my aircon... hot air blowing out... I was a bit panic and made a steep turned into Shell petrol kiosk near McDS @ Subang Jaya... Hmmmm what had happened to my car... Got fever? Is my car infected the AH1N1 virus?...

hmmm.... actually my car radiator burst in the middle of Federal highway... water dripping from the radiator until it dry up... then the engine got heated... temperature went up into 100s... I stopped by and filled up the water, quickly drove over to my mechanic @ downtown... It was so adventurous, risk taking under the hot hot hot weather... i was sweating like i was in the sauna... fortunately i still could blog about this now... Everything has solved and i'm safe... :)

Starbie go local
Ermmmm it's today a bad day for me? While waiting for my mechanic to fix my car, I went over to Starbie @ Jusco Maluri. Starbie is a place that u could go global as you were able to connect to the whole world... but today the Starbie that i went was going local... The Barista didn't tell me that the connection was not working... is this Malaysian culture?... you don't ask you would know.... VERY BAD CULTURE, i strongly suggested we should dump this to the trash, I meant the not informed culture... :p I was not happy after i bought my drink and realized that the connection was not working ... I made a huge complaint to the branch manager... but the manager just done nothing... again another Malaysian culture? didn't get any compensate of anything ... CB! (virus from Grandma Twilight as i din have my mask on like KeenYee... blek!)

Anyway, I wish it's stopped here and hopefully the rest of my days in this week will not be as like today... what an interesting but inconvenience day... And i considered today is a black Monday for me :p

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Airzed is down

I was chilling out in Coffee Bean (CB) Jaya One (J1) right now with my friend in a super hot day. J1 is a nice place to hang out during weekend... We bought ourselves drinks, sat down and enjoying our drinks. I was trying to connect to the internet to update my blog... so i walked over to the counter

Me: Execuse me. Can i get the password for the internet from you?

CB staff: Sorry sir, our airzed is down today. Maybe you could try using the internet from Wendy next door.

Me: Okay, let me try... (walk back to my table and try to connect)

Frenz: What happen?

Me: The internet is not working... i need to use Wendy's connection. Hopefully it's fast enough.

Frenz: how now? we need to move to another place?

Me: See whether i could connect to Wendy. Otherwise i will demand the money back or voucher from CB on not delivered the internet services.

Frenz: hmmm...

Me: why?

Frenz: Nothing...

I selected the Wendy's connection ... it's okay and I managed to connect to the internet. If not Wendy's connection i will have to make a complaint ... So now, how reliable is Airzed... i used to have Airzed a/c long time back, due to the amount that i need to pay vs the connection quality... It's definitely not worth the value. I cancelled it after 2 months of subscription... It's quite sad until today they never seems like having any improvement... sigh!

56th & 57th...

TZ has marked another foot prints @ 2 more Starbuck outlets in May 2009... The 56th and the 57th outlets... 

Last weekend i was having my vacation @ East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia ... the state with lots of petrol... Teregganu. I was surprised to see Starbucks @ the newly opened mall ... the Mesra Mall. This outlet is the 56th outlet that i marked my foot print.

Starbucks @ Mesra Mall, Kerteh, Terengganu

Meanwhile, on last Thursday, as i waited for my friend to be off from his class, I managed to dropped by another new outlet which was not in my list... This has marked the 57th outlet in my list ... The Starbucks @ Centro Klang... :)

Starbucks @ Centro, Klang, Malaysia

hmmm.... just wondered which outlet will be my next ... :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

On hunting a place to bunk...

My friend and I reached Kuala Terengganu (KT) at about late evening after 8 hours non-stop driving from KL to KT... It was a nice and pleasant drove as i'm a marathon driver :p At my plan, i didn't plan to go all the way to KT, only planned to pull over night @ Rantau Abang... Who knows when i drove and drove and drove ... finally we came to KT.

Guess what? We dropped by a decent resort hotel near the beach @ KT... the reception told us all the rooms were fully booked and non of the room was available ... The first attempt failed ... so we went to the second attempt which was a four storey shophouses type of converted Hotel... unfortunately all the rooms were taken too. Straightaway i was off my comfort zone as it had happened to my family and I couple years back in KT ... the same situation, I didn't book any rooms in advance over KT...  ended up we drove around for rooms to bunk over ... that's experience was so painful... even we willingly to pay higher price for the night... there were no room available... Sigh!

I was cursed on visiting KT was the first thing came to my mind.... I was a bit panic when we called up almost all the hotel in the list were full...  thanks to my friend who was so calm and we started to use internet on getting a new list of potential hotel... This was better than couples year back... at least instead of running around to ask, we called all the hotel... :) We found one hotel which has left a couple of rooms... this was a new and nice hotel i.t. the Felda Residence Hotel near China town.

We called them up and they quoted RM170 nett with breakfast included. So i told my friend we should grab the room fast... but my friend was a bit hesitate as the room rate was too expensive for a couple of hours to bunk over ... We decided to try the other budget lodge which was not far from the kopitiam...

Heehehe... finally there was a room for two cost RM79 nett (no breakfast) and it was a decent hotel to stay as the hotel was clean and have all the basic facilities ... Okay for a few hours of sleep. Straight after we had decided, there were couple of people walked in and asked for room to bunk over that night ... how lucky were we to have a cheaper room :p

I was so relieved after checked in... I took a nice shower and relax myself after a whole day of driving ... Then we called it a night ... :) Next time, I would go ahead to make reservation for my next KT visit ... what a two unpleasant visit and experience with no hotel room available... :p

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is this?

Anyone have any idea what is inside the package? 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Club member card

Fitness First has upgraded my membership card to First Club member.... I have the privilege to bring a family or friend to do gym on the weekend for free with me. The person will be able to workout with me, go pilate class with me and do the line dance funk with me too .... :p

Monday, May 18, 2009

My baby hurt...

Kijal Teregganu; May 15th 2009

A baby hurt when his dad accidentally dropped him on a carpeted floor... How was this happened?... 

TZ, the dad of this baby was happily using him to snap the picture of the hotel room... so he wanted to take a nice room that he was putting up for the weekend in Kijal Terengganu... After the snapping ... TZ placed his camera back to the bag and did not zip up the bag properly... when he took the bag from one side to another side ... the baby just dropped out from the bag ... both TZ and his friend's jaws were opened widely when the baby landed on the carpeted floor... when TZ checked out his baby... his heart was broken and realized that his baby was hurt and have to be sent to the service center... sigh! Sigh!

My Baby Nikon D70 was hurt and waiting for his treatment... need to send to Nikon Service Center for treatment... :( Here you go the damaage... 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

TZ is out of KL

TZ has drove 6 hours non-stop from KL to this place ... This place has a nice beach and river water front. The place that we could take a boat to Berjaya Redang Beach Resort ... Errrrr... I'm not in any of the islands now. Neither i will be in the island tomorrow until Sunday. Will post the place that i will go tomorrow :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I struck...

I was dreaming since 2 weeks ago for a nice condominium like One KL after i bought a big sweep lottery ticket... I dreamt everyday and imagine myself staying in One KL.... 

According to lots of people that we need to dream and dream and dream in order to make the dream to become reality... errrrrr... I dreamt everyday ... why my dream didn't come true. :'(

My dream was broken a moment ago when i get yesterday newspaper to refer whether i struck my 10 million ringgit luck... guess what? I struck i struck ... yaya! struck the air blek!... My dream was broken into pieces and now i could only look @ the nice One KL from far... Please give me a unit of One KL... 

Anyway, i think it's better to set as a goal and work towards this goal... It's more reliable... Heheheeeee.... Btw, if you are given RM10 millions... what would you do? 

Monday, May 11, 2009

RM8.35 lunch

I'm having my lunch @ McD now for its RM8.35 set lunch ... Guess what? I was here since morning for its breakfast followed by the value lunch now ... 

There were couples of aunties, youngster and couples were waiting for the clock to strike 12pm @ about 11:30am... "Dong dong dong dong " 12 times to get the RM5.95 before tax value meal.... hehehe :p 

Errrrr.... I'm also one of them but at least i had my breakfast here and not so obvious to be "kiasu" that i sit here to wait for the time to come ... moreover i have my MacBook with me and i'm using their free Wifi to get online too... 

So, What did you have for your lunch today?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A visit to Ban San...

What/Where is Ban San? Ban San is a place that u could get vegetables, seafood, poultry... basically it's anything that you need for your day to day life. So where is this Ban San? hehehe.... "Ban San" in Penang means wet market. Errrrrr.... guess what? for my past years i think i could use 10 fingers to calculate the visit to the wet market... a place that is forbidden for TZ.... TZ don't like the place as the place is so dirty and full of smelly water on the ground... people just squeezed through without even saying excuse me... :(

My friends has teased me on Saturday morning as i texted him saying that i was on my way to Ban San (Wet Market in Penang)... He just teased me that i would just stand outside the Ban San or just waited for my uncle to finish his marketing in the car.... yaya! you were WRONG! i stepped into the Ban San... *Hiak Hiak*

Our first stop! The sundry shop .... Please don't underestimate the small little sundry shop... which carries lots of different products... Do you see any Canned food that you would buy from Tesco, Carrefour in this sundry shop... :p

Sundry shop inside Ban San

Fish! fish! fish! where are you? This fish monger's place was my uncle target... He bought all his fish supply from this stall... 

This is a close shot of a type of fish (please don't ask me the name as i don't know the name... blek!)

Three fishes whom greet you in the morning

Fruits ... how could we left out the fruits store ... colorful and lots of variety of fruits ... did you see any fruits imported from China or Thailand ??? 

Pears and Lychee! :)

As i mentioned earlier, i'm not a kind of person that like to visit Ban San... but this Ban San has a things that attracted me... so what was the item in Ban San has attracted me ... do any one of you know ? hehehehe... it's food... of coz what else you talked about in Penang ... Yup! Food... The famous Penang Prawn Mee so called "Hokkien Mee"... Yum Yum...

My breakfast - Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodles)

Last but not least... as i practiced to take some portrait shot. I just happened to take this dude whom came to Ban San with his mom... How i know? I just overheard her mom said that he just came back for vacation. How's my portrait shot anyway?

More Pictures : Ban San @ Penang

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunset @ North South Highway...

I was travelling from KL to Penang yesterday evening... Dad was driving and i was listening to my iPod and taking a nap in the beginning of the journey... i woke up when we passed Tapah... it's was about 6 something and the sun has turned its color to more orange... :)

After a piss stop @ Simpang Pulai rest area, i felt like taking picture with my D70 18-200mm lens... so i took out the camera and started the snapping away... *Snap Snap Snap*...

Toll Plaza of Ipoh south... 

From Ipoh to Kuala Kangsar

Interchange @ Kuala Kangsar

On the North South Highway

Junction going into Kuala Kangsar

I was so satisfied with the outcome of my sunset shots along the north south highway... Guess what? All the shots were taken in the car and all of them were taken while the car was moving :p

Friday, May 8, 2009

Let go and move on ...

Different people from different part of the world/background has different path of life ... Sometime we could see the end of the path from far but sometime we just need to walk and walk and walk to see the future... 

My path of my life for the past one year has not been a smooth one ... there were so many hole along the path that i could just drop inside and need a huge effort and energy to climb up and walk again... i was being so careful since i was brought up that way... but luckily i evolved myself especially on risk appetite from time to time... today my risk appetite has increased tremendously... So now i have built more confident to walk through those rough road, broken plank... hilly path etc... and take whatever challenge of my life ... 

I have been camped myself up @ a junction waiting for something to happen... what am i waiting...? what kind of deal am i hoping to get? why the deal is not going to happen? and now my life is so standstill ... i am still @ the junction searching a better path that i should go ahead to walk/run... should i still wait or just choose a path and move on ... i seriously need to consider this and let go the path that i have chosen since last year that is not working... and move on to a new path which able for me to continue walking :p Wish me luck eh! 

How's your path?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wesak Day

Another 2 more days ... it will be Wesak Day.... I'll be going to Penang for Wesak day. Yup! I'm leaving Kuala Lumpur tomorrow afternoon and will only be back on Sunday... 

Happy Wesak Day

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are you hot?

The weather has been extremely hot for the past few days or even past weeks... Anyone craving for a chill and cold dessert/drinks?

Are you craving for a cold coffee to start your hot day... :p

Cold coffee from a chain store

Or something sweet and sour to cool you down after a stressful early morning meeting... 

Some sweet and sour cooling dessert from Kuching... I forgot the name

Or a famous lorong selamat Ice Kacang... will this help you to ease your hot day? 

Lorong Selamat famous ABC

Or a really cold ice lemon tea after walking for so long under the sun... Sweat dripping, this might be able to ease your thirst...

Ice Lemon Tea @ Satok Kuching

Or last but not least... A very healthy Cendol from an Organic Shop in Klang Valley... hehehe... yup! organic Cendol :p Have you taste this before? 

Organic Cendol from An Organic shop @ Sri Petaling

Or just a simple and plain water will be good for you ... 


So folks what's your take? How you chill yourself with a hot day like what we have recently?

Monday, May 4, 2009

On drinking session @ Pavilion KL...

I was with couples of friends drinking in Pavilion last Thurday night after our dinner @ an old restaurant in downtown KL.

Pavilion KL... Sitting @ Alpha

That night was super hot ... everyone was sweating like no body business ... poor friend of mine wearing a long sleeve shirt. I was already sweating like mad even i wear a polo T-Shirt... 

Later, we decided to order something cooling... so i decided to order a jug of drink instead of getting ourselves a glass of cocktail... hehehe :p Anyone would be able to guess what drink is that ... it's definitely not Beer... :p


Now any idea what drink that my friends and i drank? :p