Sunday, May 27, 2007

5 stages of No Internet Access

I'm in Starbuck checking my mail. I planned to finish my compilation of the list from reviewing all the software during my F2F @ Pudong, Shanghai. I could not finish my work thanks to Streamyx.

I called the Streamyx customer care this morning. I was so pissed off as it also happened when i came back from Business Trip... *sigh*. Anyway, my brother in law has reset my modem then we lost the ADSL line. Let's see how the Streamyx worked to close this tomorrow.

I'm not like what the comics shown... hehehe... i only have 1 stage which i will make a compliant and scold the Streamyx (Internet Provider). So do you go through the 5 stages shown in the comic below when there is no access to the internet? I like the 3 one which i.e. Bargaining.. :-p

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