Saturday, May 26, 2007

Interesting Experience in Shanghai

I will be flying back to Malaysia this afternoon. Just checked out from the hotel. Waiting for my collagues to do the same. The hotel actually provided free Wi-Fi connection @ the lobby :->

I have an enjoyable week @ Shanghai even though a very busy schedule on my F2F meeting. The Shanghai office working hours is strictly 8am-5pm as the shanghai employees will not stay late in the office as they are travelling using the office shutters services. So, this gave us some time to wondered around Shanghai... hehehe... I went to Shanghai most popular shopping street.. i.e. Nan Jing Road. The lighting and decoration was very impressed with full of high and medium class shopping mall along the road. BTW, thousand of peoples are walking on this street daily. So of cause, there were lots of cute ladies and guys too. FYI, Shanghai has the most younger population among the cities in China.

"Cheapo! Cheapo! Looku! Looku!" is the local famous English to try to sell the Rolex Watch, Gucci Beg etc to the tourist. They followed us to pursuade us to buy something from them. BTW, they also trying to sell services too... I believe you get what i meant... :-> Some ladies and guys were trying to approach me to ask whether i need some special service from ladies. Anyway, i was curious and asked them whether there also guy's services too i.e. Service for gay. This was what they reply "YES!" and they listed down the items with the price. Sound so professional! I regreted to ask more information as this guy was following me form one end to another end. He was trying to pursuade me to take up the package. Fortunately, there was a policeman which chased him away... what a relief!.... :-> Hey, don't put me wrong. I'm not into any form of one nite stand from the street... it was so dangerous especially in a stranger place.

More Picture coming soon on Shanghai, stay tune eh! :->

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