Sunday, May 6, 2007

Never eat rice ah!

Went for the body bump class @ Fitness First Maxis today. I searched thru all the other Fitness First in Klang Valley. Only found a Body Pump class in Maxis. So decided to go for the class @ 12-1pm. The instructor was Tony. He is a charming and humorous instructor as he kept the class so lively. The class was fun and not as tough as other classes that i attended.

During the bi-cep track (6th track), some of the members could not cope up with the reps and just stopped for a rest. Tony shouted the popular statement "Never eat rice ah! Come-on show me your bi-cep" everyone laughed and he joked with us and asked us to have rice after the workout but not the chicken (you get what i meant) ... He is good in lighten up the class. It was fun to attend his class... Try it out yourself eh!

Here is an we must have rice advertisment in Malaysia if you don't catch the joke.

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