Friday, May 11, 2007

Am i getting stronger?

I was attending two back to back RPM classes @ Fitness First, The Curve. I arrived there about 6pm and managed to sign up for Ben Sim's RPM class. Ben's is a motivator / instructor for working out @ RPM, Bodypump. His class was almost full with only two bike left yesterday. For me RPM itself was no longer a tough challenge... hehehe :-)
So i decide to push further and take up the challenge to stay on for the next RPM class i.e. RPM Challenge. Guess who is the instructor? Lynn you bet! She is a tough instructor, so never judge from the look. She kept her class motivated and lively. So, when you are not too focus on the time... the time seems to be flying faster. True? :-). I felt very easy to get thru the RPM challenge with Lynn.

I still remember my 1st RPM challenge which i could only cycle until track 7 (normal RPM tracks), then the rest of the 2 tracks, i have to put a huge afford and focuses to finish the rest. Last nite, it was different, it was an easy ride and my resistant is up to the instructor recommended standard. Guess What? The person in front of me gave me a weird look as Lynn categorized me as the advance RPM rider ... heheheh... what a compliment! (before the class Lynn knew i had the earlier RPM class with Ben and her class is my 2nd RPM class). Fortunately i was still looked fresh after the class and survived the whole class until the end with the recommended challenges by Lynn.

So, am i getting stronger rite now? Advance RPM rider *wink*
** Disclaimer: The guy in the picture is not me! Just wanna to give you some picture on how a RPM rider expression when cycling

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