Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Collague from Penang visit

One of my collague from Penang paid a visit to our office @ Cyberjaya. I was surprised to have her in the office as there is no face to face meeting being scheduled today in the office. A more relax day as about 50% of the collagues are still in holiday :->

This collague of mine IM me on my communicator and saying that she heard i'm talking to my boss... oops! fortunately i don't talk bad behind anyone, otherwise ... ;-p So she told me that she is here in Cyberjaya. I immediately asking her whether wanna to join the others for lunch... i like to be the host of all the visitors (especially pretty lady and cute guy *wink*) ... so guess what i'm doing ... hehehe... Bingo! showing her around the office and introduce the rest of the collagues to her.

One of my collagues thaught that she is a new comer and so excited to know her more as she is pretty i would say, my office has too many single guys... hehehe :-) Unfortunately, she will be flying back to Penang tonite. Otherwise, the other collagues of mine could have lunch with her. Reason she dropped by here is that she was here for the long weekend and her mom will be coming to Penang from here hometown. So both Mom and Daughter will be flying to Penang... Have a save journey home.

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