Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Busy! Busy! --- no execuses for not exercise!

I attended lots of meetings for the past two days. Coordination, get info, making decision, working group, contribute idea... One new assignment has just been passdown to me which is i will be representing the group to attend a Face 2 Face meeting @ Pudong in two weeks time (May 21-25th 2007). Yup! i will be leaving for Shanghai, China. I have been working with the travel agency to get my flight and hotel booked. I will have to work with my admin to get the official letter for processing my China Visa today. What a short notice... :-( All the items that due in two weeks from now (week 21), I need to pull and complete within these two weeks as i will not be able to handle the item from Pudong. I will be in a whole day meeting to work out the strategy and recommendation on the new assignment. Guess what? "Busy" will be my good companion for the next three weeks before i could take a break.

Pudong, Shanghai

Anyway, this is what i have expected as i'm ramping up with the new role and new assignments... But no matter how, i still need to cope up with my exercise. As what Fitness First always advertise " A Strong mind starts with a fit body" So, don't throw excuses of busy in work and no time for exercises/gym eh!

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