Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Shopping @

Went to oneU with sis and mom. We reached there at about 3pm, wondering around in the carpark for about 30mins. Finally, got a good spot near the entrance and straight headed to Parkson 1U as my sis wanted to buy the bed sheet and Quilt cover as advertised. Mom, on the other hand wanted to purchase curtain as there is a 70% off. At the end, we got nothing and we could not find the brand that have advertised in the pamplet. I asked the customers service where I could get the brand as advertised, their answer was we do have this brand, please try the promotion area. When we got to the promotion area, the sales person there mentioned that there was no such item and recommended us to get another brand which is double the price. Is this a gimmick or not? I was so pissed off and sweared that i'll not go to Parkson again in the future for any discounted items... Others, please beware of the gimmick... :-(

Anyway, since sis is going to move to a new house. She wanted to head to Jusco home center to shop for kitchen appliances (hob and hood). There was a sales guy whom was so enthuthiastic to sell the brand Tellini instead of others brand. I bet tellini must have given him a good commission :-> Sis have not decided which one she is going to get. We shopped there for about 2.5 hrs and headed out from the home center with lots of different brochure.

We had our dinner @ Genki Sushi, A japanese sushi bar type of restaurant with the convey belt in the middle, serving all kinds of sushi. We had the sashimi set and a plate of soft shell crab roll... yummy :->

Left 1U after dinner...

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