Thursday, May 24, 2007

Resume my gym workout

Finally, I have a nice 1.5hrs workout @ the hotel gym yesterday. I planned to go to Fitness First Plaza 66. The total travel time from PuDong to will take about 1 hour+. I decided to stayed in the hotel gym.

The hotel gym is nice and cosy with the latest Techogym equipment. The x-trainer come with duel functionality touch screen and display. You could setup your workout setting like what we did in Fitness First back in Malaysia. The only different is the functionality is embbedded in a touch screen electronic display. After you finished setting up, you could minimized the touch screen and watch TV. The feature is awesome!
I had the whole gym by myself and have a good workout on the free weight too. Still thinking to pay a visit to FF @ Plaza 66 tomorrow after work. :-p


Musa said...

you have the whole gym by yourself? means.. you're the only one there? er.. no fun at all. How about classes? like our Nor's Step Class?

Have fun!

TZ said...

Hey bud, i have no chance to go to Fitness First Plaza 66... :-(

Anyway, the hotel gym is very quiet. I will be going to the hotel gym again tomorrow morning... hehehe... :->