Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What is your favor Radio Station?

Malaysia does not have as many radio station as in Canada and US. But there are couple of cool radio station in Malaysia. I still remember when i was much younger, there was only one English media radio station i.e. RADIO 4 (now it has renamed to TRAXX FM). This radio station used to be my favor radio station. They broadcast lots of English songs from US and UK.

There were couple more radio stations in Malaysia now. My favor radio station is FlyFM (listen live). This radio station is very informative especially during the prime time. I knew lots of happening stuff in Klang Valley via this station. They are going to celebrate 3 years anniversary @ Zuok i.e. party! party! and party!...

The DJ also provides many travel tips that is useful for your traveling.... I like to listen to the Fly FM Big Bang Breakfast Show by Ben and Phat Fabe in the morning. They make the whole Klang Valley come into live after a long nite sleep.... :-)

So, what is your favor Radio Station? just between two of us, i'm listening to the radio station now via internet while doing my work ... shhhhhh.... don't tell my boss eh!

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