Sunday, May 6, 2007

A good buy...

Recently, i'm interested to further understand on how nutrient food could help us on our health. Besides, i'm also interested to know more about eating balance... :->

Went to Popular book store @ Ikano (near the curve), a suburban mall last night after the dinner. I straight went to the rack that had all the book regarding healthy food. I'm looking for a good book talking about nutrition. I bought two books regarding FOOD. Not regular food but how to eat healthy :->

Nutrition for Life
Author: Lisa Hark, PhD, RD and Darwin Deen, MD
Publication: December 2004
ISBN: 0756605229
Nutrition for Life is the complete practical guide to every aspect of healthy eating. Explaining how to achieve a balanced diet, with recipes and sample menus throughout, this new home reference contains essential food facts, and focuses on good nutrition as a way of life.

1. About Dr. Lisa Harts:
2. Nutrition Education Program:

Top 100 Foods For a Younger You
Author: Sarah Merson
publication: February 2007
ISBN: 1844833941

Blackberries neutralize free radicals, which cause heart disease and premature wrinkles. Beets purify the blood and act as an anticarcinogen. Sardines have age-defying fatty acids and antioxidants. There’s no longer any doubt that a healthy diet is the cornerstone of a long and healthy life; eating right slows the aging process and keeps you looking good and feeling great. More...

I bought the nutrition for life for RM$50.91 after the discount. The current market price is RM115.95. The popular bookstore forgot to review the older price which is RM59.90. Because of their mistake, they sold the book to me for RM59.90 and i got additional 15% since my cousin has the card. Guess what? I used my HSBC credit card and i got another RM5 rebate for the next book i.e. Top 100 foods for a younger you. This book cost RM26.00 and i got 10% discount and a RM5 rebate on the book. End up i only paid RM18.40 for the book. So i spent total RM69.31 for two books which without all the discount and rebate it should cost RM141.95. Is it a good buy or not ?

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