Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How smart is SMART?

Malaysian has written another history moment today with launching a tunnel called SMART (Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel)... :-> The country has spent RM1.9 billion to build a two usage tunnel: Water and traffic (cars). this another project after the Petronas Twin Tower.

Unfotunately, all the cost soon will be bared by the Malaysian Citizen via Toll and government subsidy if not archieve a certain amount of traffic. If you think about where government money come from, of course from the tax payer like me --> Bottom line still the Malaysian need to bare the cost :'(

I was looking forward for this tunnel to be opened for public. Finally, the day has arrived. So, after my workout i decided to re-route to hit the tunnel. Just wanna to try this out... :-> Admit that i'm a little bit KIASU (must win). I was a little bit disappointed as it was different from what i understand. There were only two lane tunnel and no emergency lane for car which breaks down. If a car break down, all the traffice will be stucked in the tunnel.

Moreover, the SMART tunnel is not only for traffic but it also for the water to flow thru. So it should not just place all the cost to the road users... I think it is unfair to us. Why SMART Project? Is it fair to us as the car user to pay such as premium price to cover the water flow? ... :-p What do you think?

Anyway, this has saved some time from heavy traffic but no sure how much toll we need to pay to use this tunnel. According to our beloved Minister of works, it will be EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE (yet to determine the toll fare). Oops, another white elephants, this is because not all the people could afford to pay a high toll rate to go through the tunnel daily. Hopefully, the SMART tunnel has a smart management that knows how to calculate breakeven... *wink*. Most of the highways in Klang Valley except NKVE are white elephant per say... this is because the toll rate is too high and people rather jam up in the non toll road. The main reason is that they could not affort the toll as it is not affordable.
Dear Government... please consider poor consumer like us :-)

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