Friday, May 18, 2007

Gain 1KG of fat

I reached Fitness First Summit on 11 something. Since i would like to take a weight measure, so i could not start with my Cardio training. Guess what? I'm a little upset on the result of my weight as i loss some muscle mass and gain about 1 kg of fat... What's wrong with my food intake?

After the whole day analyzing, i realized that i took extra 1-2 teh tarik or coffees daily other than 2 coffees per day. In total, i have 3-4 drinks during office hours. this might be the root cause for gaining the fat as the Teh Tarik from the machine is sweet. And during this period, i kind of cutting down my vegetable intake as i did not manage to buy fresh vege. I think i need to continue with taking more vege then and fruits.

My PT session today focus on the body weight workout. So it is solely 72KG body weight workout today... i felt it is much more harder than the normal weight training. You need to balance with your weight... :-)


Jennifer said...

Hi TZ -

It takes around 3500 calories to put on a pound of fat, so you must have been drinking a lot of teh tarik (I confess I don't know what that is).

It also seems unlikely that someone so young would lose a pound of muscle quickly. How are you measuring this?

Are you counting calories, or just being careful (some of the time) with what you eat?

TZ said...

Jennifer: I noticed this and cut down the teh-tarik... it hit 15.8% fat ... and my muscle mass went up again :-) hurray!

Thanks for the advise, i will check with my PT tonite to measure :->

Jennifer said...

Well done - we'll be seeing you on 'World's Strongest Man' TV show soon!