Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pilate Saturday ...

I went for 2 hours pilate class back to back. I started with the basic class... it's really basic as i knew all the steps :-> After the basic, i followed Ginny the instructor to another class. The class was almost full and all were regular. Ginny decided to go more advance. Oops! i started to feel uncomfortable ... Anyway, i stayed thru the class to challenge myself on the more advance Pilate steps. It was really advance with lots of twist and turn. I enjoyed the class but after effect was i had a sore abs muscle. hehehe... nearer to my 6 packs goal :-p

For your information, i attended 3 pilate classes a week. Here's the schedule

DayTimeLocationClass Type
Monday17:45-18:45Menara AxisIntermediate
Saturday12:00-13:00Maxis KLCCBasic
Saturday13:00-14:00Maxis KLCCIntermdiate/Advance

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