Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mirror! Mirror! on the driver side, who has stolen you...

I went to Pilate class @ KLCC as usual. Reached there about 11:30am and parked my car. Straight running to Fitness First Maxis. I managed to reach there few mins earlier, rush into the class and start the Pilate.

After 2 hours of Pilate and done some grocery shopping @ Isetan. When i picked up my car, i got a shock... the side mirror @ the driver side has gone. My first reaction is to look @ the floor whether someone has hit my side mirror and the mirror dropped @ the floor... but after my investigation, there were no broken debris of the mirror on the floor. I was very sure that some buster (pardon my language) must have stolen my side mirror, whoever that stolen my side mirror, i was cursing him/her to hell as he/she has put me in danger while driving back. Moreover the piece of mirror is only cost RM$28. Go to hell man! :-(

Reported to the security office and they could not do anything ... This is their answer... Anyway, i just got back and at that time, i was so pissed off and hungry... you know when i'm hungry... what will i do? hehehe.... :-p

Anyway, got back and had my so call late lunch and headed to the shop to replace the mirror. So be very careful where you park @ KLCC... they are not fully secure as there were some blind spot that the security camera will not be able to see... :-(

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