Monday, May 21, 2007

First day working from Pudong Shanghai

Reached Pudong office on 0745. Met my collagues whom i conference with them for months but never have F2F before. Quite a tired day as we had reviewed near to 20-30s applications. I had 100% focus as i need to write summary to my management.

Anyway, my colleague and i had a nice dinner @ the hotel that we stayed. This restaurant is a modern theme restaurant which consider one of the expensive restaurant in Shanghai. Guess how much i spent for my dinner (per person since we separate the bill) ... Dinner includes Japanese and Typical Shanghai crusine with Beer...
a. RMB 133
b. RMB 450
c. RMB 612
d. RMB 1000

Hehehe... made a guess and i will provide you the answer tomorrow... :->

BTW, my colleague and i walked about 5km in total from our hotel to Pudong business area and the oriental TV towel + the riverside. It was a good exercise and the view was refreshing. Visit my photo album for Shanghai visit.

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