Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Party @ KL happening place...

I just woke up half an hour ago. I had a great nite yesterday party until 2am. It has been a while i was busy with my work and spent the rest of my time in the gym.

I went to KL most happening place i.e. Jalan Sultan Ismail, near KLCC. The place was full of people. I don't think i need to mention about the traffic... you could imagine yourself. The later the more crowded it was and the worst the traffic was too. I wanna to go out for drinks and was asking my gym buddy, Musa out to hang around the place for a couple of beer with me. We arrived that area about 10 something, parked @ Concorde hotel as our initial plan is to visit the Hard Rock Cafe. At the end, we decided to explore the bar near the hotel.

We walked around and looking for a bar which we could hang around. We came across an interesting designed bar and decided to spend some time in Aloha. So we went into the bar and lots of people already in the building enjoying the music and their drinks. It was jammed packed until we hardly could stand.

Aloha has three floors, the top floor is for VIP patrons, ground floor is pack of people like us which is not VIP... :-p Anyway, the bar was designed quite well and the music was ranging from 80s - 90s which i believe it targeted those whom are 35s and above. There is another floor which resides in the basement. This floor is full of college kids as lots of latest music being played... so you could imagine the college kids were there dancing like nobody business... We stopped by and decided not going to dance because it was even pack then the ground floor. :-> and went back up...

It was a enjoyable nite and we called it a day about 1 something... by the time i reached home it was about 2am... hehehe ... took shower and hit the bed :->

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